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Camper experience.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 agosto, 2018

Bacunayagua Camping,

privileged landscape,

but if you take the luggage

add a bucket for water

because it is very slow

the cure to the pipe,

and the camper during his stay

questions the evaluation

that holds the installation:

First category.

If your briefcase does not involves

wheels, you should put

because it must travel

from the parking lot to the cabin

with your campaign team

on the shoulder. It is current law

that not even momentarily

enter cars to camping.

Security or extremism?

Mistrust in the client?

To make transformations

the client was asked

what do you want or only

conclusions were imposed.

Who makes the projections?

The worker is a shareholder

of ideas or just read?

The public laments?

Always keep in mind

the criterion of the camper.

Complicated is to demand

what is established is

when the one that rules does not give

the means to fulfill all the activities.

Complicated is to direct

with many desires to do,

it is not enough to want

to improve,

they must be synchronized

willing,to have and power.


Summary: in Bacunayagua

camping there is affable

personal, drinking water

Rational, hikingit

is practiced from the same

moment of arrival.

But do not panic, nothing

overcome in family,

that’s why it’s going to improve its development

the next season.


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