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Sculptural set is protected in Matanzas (+ recording).

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 agosto, 2018

For decades, the sculptural set of La Libertad, located in the second Square of Arms of Matanzas, suffered the constant humiliations, robberies, abuse and disrespect of the population.


Affronts of all kinds that threatened the integrity of the monument, possessing notable historical-patrimonial values ​​were happening day after day, despite the continuous calls for attention and the location there of two guardians who jealously require the offenders and explain to the visitor the importance of the statues designed by the Italian sculptor Salvatore Buemi.

Because these measures did not stop the excesses citizens, sample of the lack of culture and lack of civility of its authors, it was necessary to locate a fence around the sculptural piece to counteract such attacks. The result has been immediate. But the lattice has sparked other controversies…

Dissimilar arguments refer to the fence as a violation of the monument given that, according to the opinions of some citizens, its location there establishes an idea of ​​confinement, of confinement against José Martí and The Freedom. And then we would have to analyze the phenomenon from multiple angles.First, I do not think that an 80-cm-high fence constitutes an example of disrespect for the sculptural ensemble; if we also point out that it is a neoclassical piece that perfectly matches the surroundings and was designed with a pleasant aesthetic.

If we start with it, it loses the subjective functions that have been imposed by those who proscribe the necessary protection of the monument against stereotyped and meaningless opinions, to become a work of art.On the other hand, who has visited other provinces of the country will realize that it is not only in Matanzas where this measure has been adopted to avoid the direct, often harmful, contact of the population with the sculptures or sculptural assemblies. Such is the case, for example, of Cienfuegos and Havana, just to mention a few.

And finally, although it is a sad reality, we must

In the middle of the restoration of Libertad Park, the sculptural ensemble stands out for its elegance and beautyrecognize that citizen indiscipline causes more damage to the heritage, even, than the destructive force of the winds of a hurricane.

People, in most cases, do not know, respect or protect property of historical value and, if the location of fences, as long as they meet the architectural requirements and do not really attack the monuments, they will solve the problem of destruction, it will be necessary to analyze what is more important: letting ourselves be led by conceptualizations out of time and without consistent arguments or the preservation in time of a piece that becomes a symbol of slaughter and national identity.


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