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As bibijaguas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 agosto, 2018

Everything you think is necessary to feel comfortable, the Cuban packs when you stay in one of the destinations that embrace the slogan Together for Nature. In the province of Matanzas, Bacunayagua stands out among the most demanded of the Popular Camping Company, for the tranquility of the environment and the spaciousness of its cabins.

Although since the passage of Hurricane Irma, during the previous year 2017, the hydraulic network does not work and the supply of drinking water is done by tank trucks that fill tanks located between the cabins, the facility maintains high occupancy rates this summer.

The meteorological phenomenon devastated the pipes last September, so the situation with the precious liquid is not news for repeating customers. The novelty this season is the prohibition of the entry of vehicles to the base, not even for, in a short time, unload the luggage in the vicinity of the houses.

Like bibijaguas that come and go from the parking area to the cabins parade campers, uncomfortable before a regulation that, many say, met upon arrival at the facility.

At the bottom of the letter …, action and reaction.

Article 23rd of the camper’s internal regulations establishes that the circulation of vehicles within the facility is prohibited. Only in cases of extreme need and authorized exclusively by the administration can circulate the vehicle with a maximum speed of five kilometers per hour, but never in a time of silence, from 12:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning.

All the families do not have the same composition, some are more children than adults, in others there are several old people, and there are not always strong enough arms to carry a long distance luggage, so there is no shortage of uncomfortable rules that apply this summer in Bacunayagua.

The rule is not new, but its rigor was accentuated due to indiscipline of campers who during the previous summer were directed to take the car to the parking lot and disobeyed or reacted slowly, explained Rodelay Ortega González, director of Bacunayagua Camping Base.

Keeping moving vehicles out of the area provides greater security and tranquility in the facility through which people of all ages, many children and teenagers who play or ride bicycles, but there are no facilities to promote comfort for the client in the transportation of their belongings in vehicles.

“I agree with organizing the parking of vehicles, but if the days and times of entry and exit are pre-established and the installation does not have personnel in charge of transporting the luggage, or trolleys for that purpose, why not allow the entrance of the cars only to leave or collect the possessions of the campers? “, said Nancy Morales, nursing technician.

“I come to Bacunayagua every summer after the pitched battle that represents reserving for the destination. I’ve been since my children were small and I already have grandchildren. I arrive to rest, not to exhaust myself moving luggage for a long time, which can be avoided with 20 minutes of a truck in front of the cabin, “said Morales.

Ortega González explained that the rule is not absolute, exceptions are made when it is a human case, it is up to the administration’s assessment, but sometimes some campers outside the situation do not understand the sensitivity that those cases deserve, added Ortega González.

“The actions that are undertaken in the destination to increase comfort are not clear when they ask you at the reception if there are handicapped people in the family, as if they were the cost of the toll for the car to enter the camp. Never before in more than 15 years did I have that problem, “Nancy said.

In this 2018 Daniel Ordóñez, 64th years old, stayed twice in Bacunayagua. Last June the Camping bus left him at the top of the high hill that distinguishes the journey to the base and his family went down and walked more than a kilometer with their belongings, a process that was repeated at the end of the reservation cycle, but up the hill.

“The family took two tanks during the August reservation to store water, because we knew the situation of the hydraulic network; we also transferred them to the shoulder, along a hundred meters because they demanded to comply with a rule that I met this summer when I arrived at the facility that I visited many other times, “added Daniel.

Alexis Pérez García, a self-employed worker who visited Bacunayagua, in addition to the lack of timely information, is concerned about the remodeling that is being undertaken in the cabins in order to increase the accommodation capacity through the elimination of the kitchens.

“It seems to me that this transformation should not be done in the totality of the cabins, because the practice demonstrates the need for that space during the stay. Although there is restaurant service, sometimes people prefer to take the food to consume it at another time and if there is no sink will clean the dishes in areas not intended for that purpose, “Alexis added.

“I think there must be cabins with kitchen and others without it, to allow the camper to choose according to their interests and family composition,” Pérez García insisted.



“Next year I would like to meet with the same administration, because I hope that it will convey to the authorities of the Camping Company the concerns of this year, so that it can support the design of alternatives that pay to avoid discontent in faithful guests like me”, Nurse Nancy, a repeat client, more than a decade ago in Bacunayagua.

“There are many regulations that campers do not know, they should be more visible in the reservation office. From there the clients must leave with the explanation of the peculiarities of the service they will hire so that they arrive ready to the installation “, commented the manager Rodelay.

In September, it is expected that the rehabilitation of the external hydraulic network will be completed in the campsite located very close to the bridge that constitutes one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering, which will alleviate the luggage of the visitors who now seek to bring all the Cubes and tanks possible.

Timely information about the service that is hired is essential to ensure harmony between the parties; security, order, discipline are terms that, if effective benefit the collective, but its management involves resources, the application of any rule entails a logistical support that provides facilities to the client who pays to enjoy an assessed destination of First Category in the case of Bacunayagua.

Everything he believes necessary to feel comfortable packed the family of the welder Daniel Ordóñez when he stays in camping with aboriginal name, of which he knows weaknesses and strengths.


The welder criticizes because he likes the fate and hopes that each time the service is superior, because surely next year that Cuban over six decades of life will return, with a morose leg, he does not like to observe how his family members wear out in the path, from the parking lot to the cabin, as  bibijaguas with the load on its back.



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