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The father of Cuban scientific agriculture.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 agosto, 2018

Álvaro Reynoso Valdés, recognized as the father of Cuban scientific agriculture, represented one of the greatest promoters of studies on sugarcane on the island.

It promoted the use of an integral system of agro-technical measures, which guaranteed the intensive cultivation of the grass, agricultural diversification and the gradual elimination of slavery.

His contributions in this area were ahead of the time and are valid in the current sugar industry in Cuba.

The scientist was nourished by a family of landowners who bet on empirical, agronomic and botanical experimentation. He began his studies in the Chair of Chemistry of the College of San Cristóbal. In France he studied Science and Medicine and in 1856 he obtained his PhD at the University of Paris.

During his stay in Europe he shared with renowned scientists such as Edouard Robin, Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Theofile Jules Pelouze.

His masterpiece was “Essay on the cultivation of sugarcane”, which describes in detail the agricultural processes necessary for the cultivation of the cane that goes from the forest clearing to the cut.

Their investigations could not be fully applied in Cuba because the conditions were not created at that time. However, they were disseminated in several languages ​​and used in the Java city.

Mr. Álvaro Reynoso Valdés was a member of the Academy of Foreign Sciences, of the Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Madrid and of the German cities of Bavaria and Göttingen.



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