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Enrique Molina, the greatness of the everyday (+ video).

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 agosto, 2018

When we are greater in humility, the nearer we are to greatness

Rabindranath Tagore

When the greatness of a person is authentic, it is always accompanied by a generous dose of modesty and kindness. You can be an excellent musician, writer, critic, painter or dedicate ourselves to any of the professions or trades with excellent results, that little or nothing will be worth how much you stand out if you do not find inside the touch of humility that actually makes you a worthy person and respected.

The actor Enrique Molina came almost by chance to art, a world in which he has grown to become one of the most recognized and beloved personalities of Cuban culture. For him there is nothing as important as love and respect for the profession.

His beginnings in the Dramatic Group of the East of the country provided him with the tools to become an indispensable actor and a special human being.

«I love two things deeply: my family and my work. I do not know how to do anything else in my life other than acting and I have not had the chance to learn anything more than that, besides being gastronomic, because that was the first job I had when I was young.

«Acting for me is not a job, but an enjoyment. When I’m not working for some time, I begin to feel that I am old, that they do not need me for the acting functions. But, while that does not happen, I feel satisfied because there is nothing I like more than the performance I do. »

The Cuban people will remember with pleasure several of the characters he has incarnated with ample mastery. Each of them marked significantly the passage of Enrique Molina for the small and large screen.

«I believe that there are always characters that are better accomplished than others, who reach higher interpretative levels; however, they do not reach popularity among the general public. There are others who do not have that complexity and who do achieve a very high level of acceptance. I’ve been lucky enough to go through all those stages. »

In that case they are his famous Silvestre Cañizo, of the Cuban soap opera Tierra Brava and the anthological Lenin, assumed by the artist with an exquisite interpretation

«When I did Lenin, which was a measured work, of tremendous care, it was not seen by all the viewers and, frankly, Silvestre Cañizo is Silvestre Cañizo, it is out of all parameters.

«See if it was incredible that the National Association of Small Farmers ( ANAP), has among its recognitions the Antero Regalado medal to award it to cane cutters, harvesters, producers of potatoes, coffee, beans and other agricultural products, men and women extremely outstanding in their work in agriculture.

«What would not be my surprise when ANAP awarded me the Antero Regalado medal for having played Silvestre Cañizo! In the novel he neither cut cane nor sowed coffee, but he became the symbol of the best of the Cuban countryside men. I’m the only artist in Cuba who has the Antero Regalado medal. »

Despite the fact of having formed as an actor along the way, as he likes to highlight, Molina recognizes that academic training is essential, not only in the performance, but in any specialty «but if you carry in your soul what you have to have.

«The influences of the parents cannot condition the child to dedicate himself to what they consider to be the best, their desires cannot supplant the abilities and abilities, the innate talent or the vocation.

«For this race specifically, the first thing you have to have is the soul given to the joy of playing a character, a scene, your love of this work.»

This conception says a lot about a man who gave himself completely to his preparation from the first moment he stood in front of a camera or before the audience of a theater, to the point of undergoing seven surgical operations to interpret a very special character that never came to fruition: our José Martí.

Undoubtedly Enrique Molina is one of the most beloved artists by the Cuban public, one of the most consecrated. Acting for so long like professional without academic approaches, but with the vocation necessary to perpetuate his name between the most important personalities of the national screen, the actor confesses satisfied to be Cuban. His artistic career constitutes an enduring ode in the memory of several generations of Cubans.







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