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“And what else does it do?”.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 agosto, 2018

I made harakiri and I bought it. For that time in my conscience the “I want it” won the “I need it”. It was sold to me by a guy with the face of a self-employed villain after a very brief haggling in my favor.

Still the price seemed high for an e-reader-electronic device that allows reading books in digital format or e-books-model Kobo Aura H2O use, but I put my savings ahead and went home happy as a Harry Potter about to release his new broom Nimbus 2000.

Completely black, light, with a design of lines and textures on the edge of sensuality, apparent good battery health, easy to use and water resistant, the playful brought relief to my myopic eyes after too many, and unhealthy, readings on the mobile phone.

I resisted the reproachful looks of my old aunt, I could sense that in her mind she calculated how much food she could have bought with that “little bar” joined with effort, but everything was there, in the manner of a cold war, because she did not say ” Oh”.

There was a honeymoon with readings until dawn, alone or as a couple, the same in full sun as in the penumbra; Sometimes I would take the equipment out of its case just to admire the minimalist design, which is so contemporary and congratulate myself for my good fortune.

It’s over depending on the printed book, although I recognize its charm; I later learned that it is partly because the brain prefers it, because it perceives the text as a physical landscape, a kind of topography, not counting the evocative aroma of paper.

The friends congratulated me for the acquisition – I felt like a proud father of his first-born or the owner of a state-of-the-art sports car – according to our old habit we recommend books and comment on the most recent readings of each one.

The happiness was eternal until it ended: after half a year of coexistence “rose” the expensive “thing” began to show sudden mood swings, symptoms of his true personality.

It did not turn on, it was slow to do it or it went out. I had days when I worked “like a clock” just to fool myself and then spend a week almost “in a coma” without paying attention to begs or threats.

To this day it seems to have his literary preferences, because it reproduces some texts and not others, regardless of the format, turns on or off when it likes, before any hint of throwing it away it seems to revive from its ashes like the phoenix and nothing to hurry it: it has its own rhythm.

Although in the end I had to learn to put a good face on bad weather, sometimes frustration overtakes me:

-What is that? A tablet?

-An e-reader: used to read books in digital format.

-Ahhh Mmmmm … and what else does it do?

-But it seems little ?!






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