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Cuban Radio: unique and unrepeatable

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 agosto, 2018

I never knew when the horizon barrier was lost in our lives. It is true that I saw you very distant and distant; but even so I assumed that one day we would be more than two strangers in one place. I do not know maybe what motivated me to experience this terrible attraction and dependence for you.

I imagine then that it must have been that neighbor who came to you every time. I saw them so familiar that I awoke, as a human at last, my curiosity. On the other hand, your presence became closer and closer. You talked to me; In fact, I believed that and although sometimes I did not understand your words, at least I paid attention to you.

These images became routine in each day; when I felt you, I ran to meet you, I stayed close and like a fool in love my eyes shone and, at the same time, I fell silent before you. How many times have I lived this story; well I grew up

Of course, the age difference was remarkable, but here the maxim is fulfilled that age does not matter. You had…? Well, I do not know anymore. That is not relevant at this minute. I know I only took off a few inches from the floor, but even so I already believed in love at first sight, rather at first words.

Since then I kept betting on you. Years passed. I wandered the world as a wandering soul until one day our universes lined up. Then began this gravitational history where you and I form our universe. Today when I look at the past I do not imagine this present without you. As well as transporting the vision to the future I can think that someday I will not be there and then I will be saddened, although others will arrive and will love you as much or more than this simple mortal.

Luckily I have the consolation that together we are part of these years. Hey …, by the way you look great for your 96th . I rejoice to see how you stay jovial and cheerful, although there are days and times when I feel sad; you know what I tell you. Do not be ashamed, I’ve seen you cry, but I also have the satisfaction of seeing you smile.

Like everything in this life, nothing has been easy. But you knew how to grow and that’s why I trust you. That is my satisfaction. Now excuse me, but I have things to do, you know … Ah, yes, as a birthday gift I leave you my best wishes for today and always.

Remember that one day I will not be by your side. I know that you will know how to find ways to continue imposing yourself, that you will be challenging in time and that you will look for tricks and mysteries to reaffirm sound as a fundamental means of communication. Only then the Cuban Radio will be unique and unrepeatable.






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