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The Constitution project was debated in Matanzas Military Region.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 agosto, 2018

Officers, non-commissioned officers and workers of the National Civil Union of the Defense of the General Staff of the Matanzas Military Region held their popular consultation assembly of the Constitution project in which they ratified the socialist character of the Revolution and its conquests.

In this democratic and participatory exercise, led by an experienced duo made up of Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Milián de Armas and the civilian Jesús Abreu Gómez, 37 interventions were carried out that contribute to the country’s Magna Carta.

With an in-depth debate on the constitutional text in which proposals for modifications, additions and ratifications were made, military and civilians referred to rights, duties and guarantees, the role of local governments, the new concept of marriages and the types of property, the citizenship and the elimination of the limit age to assume high positions in the direction of the country.

Similarly, it was confirmed that the defense is based on the doctrine of all the people and the Communist Party of Cuba, unique, Marti and Fidelista.

The head of the Matanzas Military Region, Brigadier General Vicente Ramiro Rodríguez Miró, highlighted the preparation and good development of the popular consultation on the Constitutional Reform, in accordance with the principles of the people and the legacy of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. He affirmed that today the process that takes place in Cuba is unique in the world.



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