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Oh … tremendous thunderbolt!

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 agosto, 2018

The fall of a lightning in Playa Popular Council, in Matanzas city, is one of the most talked about issues these days. The surprising summer storms and their lightning revolutionized a neighborhood and the collective imagination.

When asking the neighbors about the exact place where Zeus unleashed his anger, with the answers the multiplicity of what was a simple phenomenon is deduced.

For example, Zunilda assures that the question was just above his post, which obviously is not burned. Eduardo went whiter than paper and his flat screen TV went «to a better life».

Nenita prayed to all the saints and the clarity in her window placed her on her way to paradise. Alberto fixed the refrigerator to Yolanda and the lightning caused his client to shout so many expletives that for him the thunder came out of his mouth.

The reality is that yes a lightning strike in the neighborhood, or at least close, and that will be like those stories of Juan Candela that are transformed from mouth to mouth.

Bolt, thunder or lightning?

The concepts of bolt, thunder and lightning differ in their content, although they are used interchangeably to refer to an atmospheric phenomenon.

Bolt is the natural discharge of static electricity produced by a storm. According to Ecured, the rays reach temperatures close to 30,000 ° C and speeds of 1,600 km / h. By taking the shortest route to reach their destination they cause around a thousand deaths per year.

The thunder, however, is the sound heard during a storm after falling lightning that moves between clouds or from them to the Earth’s surface at more than 28,000 ° C.

The lightning, on the other hand, is a glow that can be observed when there is an electric shock. Unlike lightning, lightning never has contact with Earth.

It is recommended against these natural phenomena to move away from the heights, never to run during a storm and less with wet clothes, not to seek refuge under the trees or solitary prominent elements, to get away from the metallic objects and if you go in a group it is advisable to disperse meters.



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