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Nelson Domínguez and his street dogs in Varadero.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 agosto, 2018

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Varadero workshop gallery, located on 60th Street of this territory, the personal exhibition This doggy life, by the artist Nelson Domínguez Cedeño, National Prize for Plastic Arts 2009, was inaugurated.

The exhibition consists of ten large-format pieces, among which sculptures and paintings stand out and is part of a series of more than twenty pieces in which the painter, ceramist, engraver, draftsman, illustrator and sculptor works.

“It’s a series that I already exhibited in Havana, but then I continued making new pieces, for example, here there are only three sculptures, but there are many more that are part of a very large installation that has to do with the world of dogs and is accompanied by a soundtrack with barking, “explained Dominguez Cedeño.

Lídice Sánchez and Maury Dávila were in charge of curating the expo. The visual proposal also stands out due to the variety of techniques that appear in it, including an interesting incursion in work with fiberglass.

“The technique is the resource with which you can say what you want. In order to communicate something you need a technical resource and for another objective the resource is different. It depends on what you want to express. In this case there is graphics, painting and sculpture, mainly, in addition to a plate that looks like ceramic, but is made of resin. ”

Also, it is very interesting to be dedicated to street dogs. The creator approaches such a peculiar subject with a look that delves into the repercussions of the insertion of these abandoned animals into our lives. It also establishes symbologies with the contemporary world.

“The issue is because they exist, they are a palpable reality and with negative consequences in several places. They are beings that have accompanied us throughout our lives in our homes, with our family and, at times, they are much mistreated.

“But there is also a superposition of concepts, of wills and desires to say things. It also refers to the man of the third world. There are some pieces that are not here, but, for example, there is one that represents a dog trying to eat the flesh of some legs, but the only thing that reaches is the blood. In other words, it refers to the violence of life. ”

According to Dr. Lázara Menéndez in the words of the catalog, “we are in the presence of another challenge to the spectator. Nelson Domínguez resists injustice by suggesting to the receiver the drama of a life lived in the midst of horror “and continues later pointing out that” the pieces of this series reflect subtle crosses in the slight variations of environments, which are not usually arbitrary nor accidental (…) Constant; immobility and silence; they do not admit to hiding the face of the stripped because to be in a space does not supposed to inhabit it “.

This dog life will be exposed to the public until next September 23rd , when the artist will be 71 years old. The exhibition is also dedicated to the four decades of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets and the 30th anniversary of its subsidiary in Matanzas.



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