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Peñas Altas Park: renovated, but …

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 agosto, 2018

The airs of restoration for the 325th anniversary of our city, Matanzas, was also extended to its parks. One of them is the Fraternity, located in Peñas Altas neighborhood.

Those who travel there may appreciate the new benches, lanterns and a greater variety of ornamental plant species.

However, by its surroundings a number of disposable cups, absorbent, paper and nylons of jams, as well as dirtying and polluting the environment, overshadow the beauty of the work done by laborious hands of the Municipal Office of Communal Services for the enjoyment of  people  from Matanzas.

To this is added that around the fountain, architectural element that marks the center of the park, are placed without the slightest conscience for the care of the place, two vendors: one of slush and another of churros.

A welcome offer in these hot summer days, so I do not mind selling their products, but they do park in the area and I make a call because they also owe the dirt that is seen there, without stop blaming the unconscious who, surrounded by baskets, leave their waste on the ground and inside the fountain.

The Government of Matanzas has contributed with  considerable resources to beautify the city, taking care of it, is the greatest sign of gratitude to those who day and night work so that we appreciate the city renewed and beautiful.

It is also a call for those who, after neglecting their citizen duties, criticize and maliciously question everything good and beautiful that is done in the Athens of Cuba.

The park of Peñas Altas, as many know it, is a place of great influx of public, either to wait for one of the buses that stop there for  Reynold García neighborhood, our university or Varadero, to connect to the WIFI or, simply, to enjoy in the shade of the leafy trees that embellish it.

And if that were not enough …, the Peñas Altas park is one of the points where Via Blanca Central Highway is separated, as well as opening the doors of the city to those who come from other territories.



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