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Classes without shoes?

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 agosto, 2018

Still in many Latin American countries there are children who go to school without shoes.

We are at the doors of the beginning of the school year 2018-2019 in the Cuban territory (September 3rd ). Perhaps for that reason and because of the concerns of the current parents, I was reminded of the figure of a man of letters and a great pedagogue, Raúl Ferrer, someone with whom I shared on different occasions.

Raúl Ferrer was always surrounded by people, was the center of the conversation and kept everyone’s curiosity; As a good teacher he gave individual attention to each participant in the group, «forcing» all of them to keep their gaze fixed on him.

In each of these meetings he told anecdotes about his life as a primary teacher, which, according to my assessment, was the level of teaching that he liked the most.

I remember his stories. One of them was about classes without shoes. He said that once a student stopped visiting the school, so it was necessary to interview the parents of the absentee. What would not be the surprise to know the cause.

It turned out that this poor child did not have shoes to go to school and he felt sorry to present himself in the classroom, so he opted not to attend. Raul convinced him to go to the next day and not worry that everything would be fine.

Very early the teacher was in the school portal and when the first student arrived he told him that from today all the classes would be without shoes, so each one had to leave the shoes next to the bust of José Martí, this was communicated to each one, individually. So, all the students were in their desks in the same conditions.

Then the child who did not have shoes could go to school and not feel embarrassed. Expect a new comment on footwear, school uniform and the current problems.


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