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State professionals without preparation: storm announced.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 agosto, 2018

(Illustration: Alfredo Martirena)

Sometimes it is accurate, sometimes not. I refer to the promotion of professionals to positions of the State without having the proper preparation. And this is the same for young people, as for people over 35 years old.

It’s a tricky business, but common. These designations are suddenly, by necessity or conjuncture, without an experience that has allowed that person to learn, at least the elementary, not only of their professional work, but of the most important thing: their projection as a leader.

They are almost all good people, for some reason they are chosen. However, lacking a minimum trajectory, with the passage of time they assume wrong decisions or positions.

One of the mistakes is to underestimate the rest of the group and proclaim that he is the one who knows the most, when it is known that despite his possible intelligence, he lacks the necessary «cuje», as popular wisdom indicates.

Slipping is also trying to behave like others, as those who do not have any administrative status and write any topic on social networks, put intimate photos or out-of-tune expressions.

Because yes, the pictures must have a social and ethical tone that they must fulfill. Ethics in Cuba is framed as a condition, quality and mode of conduct in a human being willing and prepared to represent and lead others.

And that’s where the difficulty is. You have to know the postulates of the Code of Ethics, do not attend an act, sign in a book and that’s it, because, in reality, prospects are lost that because of their capacity could be excellent leaders and that is a basic evil that in each group we must avoid when approving the promotion of a professional without the required preparation.


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