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Limonar: on the road to local self-sufficiency.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 septiembre, 2018

In the municipality of Limonar, the use of lands, yields and planning for local self-sufficiency are prioritized, said Amaury Cabrera Rodríguez, delegate of agriculture in the territory.

“We have 26 thousand 635 consumers and 273 tons are demanded among grains, vegetables, fruits and viands to reach 30 pounds  per inhabitant in the month”.


Local self-sufficiency, a methodology that appeals for food sovereignty, has as its main objective to ensure the nutritional needs of  Matanzas inhabitants.

“For this activity we have 21 hectares in the Caoba area, mainly dedicated to short cycle crops such as sweet potatoes, squash and corn. There are two productive fronts 14 hectares of Limonar Farming Base Business Unit (UEB) and the rest is a usufructuary, in addition to the contribution of the Cooperatives of Agricultural Production and the Credit and Services, “said Cabrera Rodríguez.

The municipality also has the Oliva Small-Industry Farm that produces tomato and mango puree, and sweet guava bars from the surplus production. The elaborations enjoy great acceptance among the locals.

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In Limonar there are eight points of sale of the Gathering UEB  two of Matanzas Genetic Cattle Enterprise and ten of the Farming one.

During a tour to the markets the supply of these sites was observed with beans, rice, bananas, avocado, sweet potato, poplar, pumpkin fruit and guava.

Elizabeth Clavel Guas, commercial of the Gathering Enterprise commented that monthly guarantees the 30 pounds per person necessary although the population does not buy them all.

However, dissatisfactions remain, said Esther, a local resident.”Here the food is not missing, but sometimes the products deteriorate a little because they do not lower prices according to the quality.”

On the other hand, Ernesto, originally from the area of ​​Limones, confirmed that the point of sale over there is supplied, but it does not remain so throughout the year. Likewise, Ana, retired, told Radio 26 about the affordability of prices and how, in recent months, there has been a change in supply.

More than 8 thousand tons of viands, fruits, vegetables and grains must be produced, collected and sold monthly to reach the 30 pounds per person that the 709 thousand 707 consumers in  Matanzas provinve demand.

This is how local self-sufficiency should work, a methodology that appeals for food sovereignty and whose main objective is to ensure the nutritional needs of the inhabitants of the territory.

The truth is that in the first six months of the year it was possible to sell an average of 14, 8 pounds per person in the province. Much less than half expected in the local self-supply. The municipalities with the worst results and, of course, with the most unsatisfied small squares are Pedro Betancourt, Unión de Reyes, Cárdenas and  Arabos.

The main difficulties range from the waste of the land, the lack of control of production, low yields, non-compliance with contracts, poor planning and the non-exploitation of local potential.

Although the companies, producers and productive bases of agriculture in Matanzas province  are now immersed in the local self-supply program, the efforts are insufficient.

Because this methodology is much more than a strategy, it represents the gearing of the productive structures and is based on the production scenario of the locality.







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