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Rubén Darío: “Carilda is a woman of an infinite landscape”

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 septiembre, 2018

9 days ago the poet from Matanzas Carilda Oliver Labra left this world; but that only means that her earthly life gave way to a phenomenon that many believe impossible: immortality.

Thousands have been the expressions of affection and respect that have come to the house of Tirry 81 from any part of the world.


In Matanzas voices continue to be added to his momentary farewell, as that of the actor and director of Teatro de Las Estaciones, Rubén Darío Salazar Taquechel, who recalls the relationship between the National Literature Prize and the performing arts.

“One way or another we were always on the street or in activities and we shared a wonderful conversation. He was a great artist, exceptional poet. I remember her at the Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico, where we met, we talked and, as always, she let out her wonderful charm of the extraordinary person she was.

“Her image also comes to my mind by offering a recital at Matanzas Puppet Workshop, in one of its first editions. It was amazing because I did not need anything to shine. Her performance for the puppeteers was wonderful: she knew how to charm with her poems.

“She gave us in her last days a very beautiful book together with the plastic artist Roberto Braulio about Pinocchio. That was her final gift and it seems an extraordinary gift. That symbiosis of painting and poetry with a puppet like Pinocchio, of all times, was the farewell and the sign that Carilda was still a woman of an infinite landscape”.

We will always have to return again and again to the work of Carilda for what represents her lucid, irreverent, passionate, patriotic and sincere poetry for Cuban and Latin American lyrics. “Her loss, which is not loss but permanence and eternity, means only not being able to hear her say her poetry live because there are many recordings of her work, not being able to enjoy her with her sparkling occurrences, her well-done character, her so nice way , elegant and fine to say things.

“She will be missed; she will be eternally the Bride of Matanzas. There has not been another like her, women like that do not exit twice. We only have to remember her, to make her eternal in the culture that people from Matanzas and all Cubans do.

” Carilda Oliver Labra will have to stay for many more generations, perhaps infinitely, because this woman, her poetry and her freedom symbolize Matanzas culture and, beyond that, the best of Cuban culture.

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