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Learn to enjoy what your grandson likes.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 septiembre, 2018

The interaction of people over 65 years of age with others less than 20 can be a strong conflict in coexistence, says Dr. Adolfo Valhuerdi, coordinator of the Chair of Mind-Body Integration of Matanzas University of Medical Sciences.

The doctor advises that in the act of socializing with the youngest the elderly incorporate, from a responsible perspective, lifestyles in tune with the current moment.

Do not argue with the teenager because he plays with the Tablet, he learns to play with it, thus protecting the brain from atrophy due to disuse, and in addition, the boy has the guiding and protective presence of the older adult, the doctor reflects.

To the grandfather, Valhuerdi suggests that he learn to enjoy what his grandson likes, not knowing is not a pretext when there is the possibility of learning; Being 65 years old is not justification for resisting trying new practices because the brain cell has a connectivity potential that does not slow down with age.

The doctor explains that it is a “neuro-myth” that the brain cell does not regenerate; it is a lie that one is born with all the brain cells with which one is going to die. Every day 25 thousand new brain cells are born and each one has a connectivity potential close to ten thousand synapses (communication mechanism between neurons that allows the transmission of information).

There is no shortage of old people who sit in the armchair and say: Look at her! She passed by and did not even kiss me, “says Valhuerdi and asks,” Why did not you kiss him? Others comment: Here a year ago that nobody comes, nor my niece who lives two blocks away and when I was a girl I prepared the snack. And why don´t you walk? Socialize!, soften relationships you have more experience.

“When older people embrace tolerance, acceptance, physical activity and a healthy diet low in sugars, they benefit their brain and their quality of life and positively affect their environment of coexistence.

“The person ages when he resists change, exceptionally a person of 80 or 90 years undertakes a new task and that is wrong, if he is 80 years old he is old enough to study another language or learn to play a musical instrument. Remember that if you never did it, it’s new to you and it’s difficult, so your brain thanks you. “

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