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Forest Bath: nature as medicine.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 septiembre, 2018

It is recommended to turn off the phone, forget the clock, do as if there was not for a while everything that hurries us and torments.

It is called Forest Bath or if you prefer Shinrin-Yoku, well that’s what their Japanese initiators called this technique that seeks to reconnect the human being with nature to raise their quality of life.


The country of the rising sun, which seduces the world every day with its scientific and technological prowess and its culture between the ancestral and the contemporary, was a pioneer in the 1980s in promoting an alternative to return the human being to nature in search of of peace and delight.

Very fashionable is this therapeutic modality and within reach of anyone, it is enough to go into a forest or a green lung of the city, walk free trails of danger, enjoy fully the information captured by the senses, meditate, walk alone or in good company.

During one of those sessions of what is already considered part of traditional medicine it is recommended to liven up the experience with the ingestion of purely organic foods or drinks, to practice breathing exercises, to take things with unaccustomed calm, to let oneself go.

It may seem immense the challenge of resisting the alarms, the tendency to try to mentally solve present or future problems, but a Forest Bath definitely helps to combat stress and has the approval of health authorities in the world.

Those who know say that the modality related to contact with nature is linked to a lower risk of suffering emotional and physical diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, respiratory disorders, among other ailments.

Experts and enthusiasts agree that the Forest Baths are «all benefits» for anyone and even the forest ecosystems are rewarded with an impulse, always welcome, to their conservation.

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