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Innovates-Matanzas: to make popular science and its results.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 septiembre, 2018

Motivated by the celebrations of the 325 anniversary of the city of Matanzas, the territorial delegation of CITMA organizes the First Colloquium of the Innovation System of the province.

Innovates-Matanzas, a technological festival that, according to the engineer Dariel de León García, director of the science, technology and innovation unit of CITMA Matanzas, will take place from October 10 to 12.

«Innovates Matanzas is an initiative aimed at popularizing science and its results within the population of Matanzas of all ages, but particularly among young people in the province so that they know how much is done in scientific-technological entities and universities.

«With this we also intend to encourage interest in the study of this branch of knowledge so important to modern man.»

And this is how October once again called the scientific community of Matanzas.

«The month of October marks the 20th anniversary of the Matanzas Scientific Pole and we were perfectly able to insert Innovates-Matanzas within the plan of activities designed by the Provincial Directorate to celebrate the 325th anniversary of this City of Rivers and Bridges».

Three days of scientific activities in the yumurina city, specifically, what scenarios will be used for the realization of that First Colloquium of the Innovation System?

«We talk about scientific and cultural activities because we refer to scientific culture, to the culture of innovation. For this we will use, fundamentally, the House of the Danzón, located in the street of the Middle, the area of ​​Vigía Square and the fluvial stroll of Narváez.

«In those places -according to their characteristics-, lectures will be held, workshops, forum debates, launch and sale of scientific books, exhibitions on scientific achievements. All this program will have offers from the Commerce and Gastronomy of Matanzas «.

Intense days of science, culture and recreation, of which people from Matanzas and visitors can learn more details if they go, as the engineer Dariel de León García explained, to the headquarters of the CITMA in Matanzas, Milanés street appointment between Jovellanos and Matanzas, in the provincial capital.

«Another information option can be found if you access the Matanzas Science Portal».




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