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To debate about museology in Matanzas!

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 septiembre, 2018

With thirty presentations by researchers from six provinces of the country, the National Workshop on Museology and Society in the city of Matanzas will be held today, close to the 325th anniversary of its foundation.

The sixth edition of the event will mark its starting point at 9:00 in the morning at the Museo Palacio de Junco, with an exhibition dedicated to such a special date.

The exhibition has a wide variety of objects and heritage documents related to the history of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas since October 12, 1693 and will also serve as a tribute to the Doctor in Art Sciences Alicia García Santana for her remarkable contributions to the study of the history and heritage of the Athens of Cuba.

Three commissions will be held today associated with the themes Study of collections, The museum in its social environment and Live museums, their role in the socialization of cultural heritage.

The interventions in these panels will be, among other matters, on the Catalog of relics of Antonio Maceo exhibited in the Oscar María de Rojas, of Cárdenas; City in Sciences, patrimonial education and sciences in Matanzas and The extensions from the museums, its connection with the community.

During the morning of today the Ms.C Miguel Madariaga Fernández will offer the conference The Registry of Cultural Assets and its link with the conformation of museologycal and museographic scripts, while in the afternoon the activities will be transferred to the Fire Department, in the Foundational Plaza de la Vigía, the only museum dedicated to the heritage of firefighters in Cuba, currently under restoration.

Precisely, giving dynamism to the Workshop is one of the objectives pursued by this edition, which will also allow in situ know the proposals of the institutions that serve as headquarters to Museology and Society 2018.

For this reason, on Thursday, September 20, the Oscar María de Rojas Museum will host the debates with the participation of the Vice President of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, Sonia Virgen Pérez Mojena, during the morning.

Subsequently, participants from Pinar del Rio, Havana, Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila, Santiago de Cuba and hostess Matanzas will enjoy a tour of the José Smith Comas museum, the sugar heritage and the Xanadú mansion in Varadero.

Other conferences dealt with the collection of oriental art and training in heritage and its role in museology. The closure of the VI National Museology and Society Workshop will be on Friday September 21 at the Castle of San Severino, Museum of the Slave Route.

Museology and Society becomes an important moment to make the policy of heritage and to lay the groundwork for an upcoming call for the event with an international perspective, due to the demand for feedback between specialists from around the world.

The meeting will focus on persisting in the protection and dissemination of cultural heritage, as well as the need for universities to more solidly support work with museums and to convert the collections that have remained in warehouses for decades without being exposed to the public. in true living samples.


The National Workshop Museology and Society, coordinated by the Provincial Cultural Heritage Center in Matanzas, also has the support of the Cuban Committee of the International Council of Museums and the National Council of Cultural Heritage in Cuba.

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