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Charms of Matanzas goes for tourism development.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 septiembre, 2018

Matanzas will be declared a Tourist City according to the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Marrero Cruz, during a working visit to the City of Rivers and Bridges. The owner, in statements to the press, referred to the extensive process of restoration that the city is experiencing for the 325th anniversary of its foundation as one of the elements taken into account for the nomination, in addition to the intense cultural movement existing in the first modern city of Cuba.


«From everything that has been developed in the recovery of their heritage, the amazing way in which they have worked and the cultural values ​​that they have, those of us who are responsible for tourism maintain a large debt to the city because it is still insufficient the amount of tourists that come here to enjoy that wide cultural offer from Varadero «.

The development of the Matanzas 325 Plan not only allows the rehabilitation of the heritage buildings and public squares for the enjoyment of the inhabitants of the city, but also that it will allow the tourist exploitation of Matanzas by the different tour operators, with hotel and non-hotel services that will attract a greater number of national and foreign visitors, which should result in greater economic benefits for the future Matanzas.

«The whole city is renovated, has much more attractive and extensive complementary offers. Until now there was an irony because the city where more hotels are raised did not have an installation of this type before. That is why we did justice when we inaugurated the Velasco; but our commitment continues, facing the 325 will begin to offer services to the Louvre and then the Yara and the Plaza de la Vigía will be incorporated. I think there are offers and sufficient reasons to declare Matanzas as a tourist destination.

» Regarding his expectations with the development of the city of Matanzas within 5 years, Marrero Cruz stated that «it would really be surprising. I believe that the potential of the city, the number of actions that are pending regarding the restoration of heritage and customs associated with cultural traditions such as culinary, also to know the uses of heritage buildings throughout its history to recover them with offers of quality thinking not only in tourism but in a whole town that is eager to know new things.

«Undoubtedly, with the potential that the city has within a five-year period, I believe it will be another Matanzas, it would be a dream come true, a tourist destination that many people will come to enjoy the wide range of heritage, historical and cultural offerings».

The Minister of Tourism appraised the work developed in the execution and control of the more than 1200 works that are being developed in the city for the 325 anniversary of its foundation. «Restoration, when we have had so many economic limitations for many years, requires a process of preparation, resources, specialized labor.

«In Matanzas, the constructive movement that has no background has been very broad, never before had a process of such proportions taken place. It is fair to recognize that these actions have encompassed a number of objectives that allow us to visualize and enjoy an important change, although one always wants it to be better and I believe that we must look for more attributes to the potential, including the cultural component as a decisive entity. The city of Matanzas cannot be a place of transit «.

The declaration of Matanzas as a tourist destination, with the extension of attractive services for domestic and foreign tourists, will represent a new step towards the economic development of the neoclassical city par excellence of Cuba, based above all on its vast cultural history and its unique heritage material and immaterial.





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