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Matanzas, founder of the National Softball of the Press Valdés Rionda In Memoriam.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 septiembre, 2018

The twentieth edition of the National Softball Tournament of the Press Jorge Luis Valdés Rionda, In Memoriam, will have its final stage this year in the province of Mayabeque from the first to the next October 6th.

They will compete eight teams, two classified by each one of the zones of the country, reinforced, that went by the West Island of the Youth and Matanzas; Sancti Spíritus and Camagüey, for the center and Las Tunas and Holguín for the eastern part, plus the current National Media champions and the group called Vaqueros, union of the host province and Artemisa.

These jousting press professionals began in 1994, in the city of Sancti Spíritus, so in these 24 years were only interrupted on four occasions for special reasons.

Those of us who had the privilege of participating in that first event in the city of Yayabo, we have to feel satisfied and proud of the development experienced in terms of quality competitive and because it has maintained the fundamental objective of exchanging experiences among professionals from different media in the country through sports.

Of my team, Matanzas, in that historic event of 1994, where we occupy the last position, I remember that I did not have a good preparation, nor had recognized figures in this sport, only three or four young colleagues who did show their quality. The other group, in which I include myself, had already seen their best times pass and we came with that desire to perform the best for our province.

A lot of claw on the grounds of Sancti Spiritus taught that list that came out in each game to break the chest in search of a triumph that we could not taste.

Today, when these meetings have reached a higher level, I cannot forget my colleagues from that time who sowed with the representatives of Havana City, Prensa Latina, Holguín and Villa Clara the seed of the fellowship that characterizes these tournaments.

From the one in Matanzas  1994 no longer physically accompany us Jorge Luis Valdés Rionda, name that honors the current championships, Jorge Cantero Galloso and Juan Figueroa Moreira. The team completed the light Roberto Riera, the curler Iván Díaz Sosa, the spiky Jorge Ebro, the versatile Ricardo Medina, the pensive Dagoberto Arestuche, thealways organizer Carlos Jardines Ricardo, the golden gloves Reynol Il Lavín and Rogelio Cantero Calderón, in addition to the super heavyweight that signs this work.

I have left for the last two players, true examples of delivery and love to the shirt, that still maintain competitive form and that will be within a few hours on the field, Ventura de Jesús and Luis Rodríguez Ruballo.

In the current tournament based in the sister province of Mayabeque, Matanzas will present a team set with young talents, which according to Yirmara Torres, president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in the province, «will come out with the aspiration of getting an outstanding performance».

Those of us who started the story will be aware of their triumphs. We trust them.

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