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Matanzas: the whipping that hurts you.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 septiembre, 2018

What the carnivals leave in the René Fraga, a park to which year after year they are mutilating their charms.


Constructively speaking, two realities live in the city of Matanzas. A kind of parallel worlds where advance and retreat, prosperity and delay, culture and its opposite coexist almost in harmony; two ways, two philosophies that do not fit.

At least that’s what I think and I do not think I’m alone in this look at the city of Yumurina, the object of one of the greatest constructive revolutions in its history, according to the Conservative of the City, Leonel Pérez Orozco.

What for the 325 anniversary of the founding of Matanzas takes place, with special emphasis on the city center, is far from what happened in other areas of its geography.

The indolence of organisms and people attack an environment that looks aesthetically better if not for the irresponsible attitude of those who prefer to violate the beauty of this city, in need of kisses, not flogging.

Within hours of its opening, at Café Caribe, in Palmares, near the Viaduct, a woman was surprised trying to remove the liquid detergent tank for washing her hands from the wall of the bathroom. During those same days, some lamps were taken from the mural painting of the plastic artist Jesús Alberto Mederos, those precious images perpetuated in the dividing wall of the Museum of the Firemen and the Narváez promenade.

As if it were not enough, when they had not yet finished placing the gate in the monumental complex of the Parque de La Libertad, several children used their doors to swing, before the complicit gaze of all those who watched them.

Equally questionable is the indiscipline caused by the shops located in Milanés, Medio or Dos de Mayo, which from 5:00 in the afternoon to 7:00 in the night turn the city into a large landfill, taking their garbage trucks from their stores , some placed, even, after passing the car that collects it.

Stolen banks in areas of the Viaduct, stolen baskets to melt them and turn them into raw material speak clearly of a controversial relationship between the city and its inhabitants, which allow presuming little durability of the works born or reborn in the heat of the birthday of Matanzas.

Along with the physical construction of a property you need the other investment, that which teaches to value, to respect, to foster a bond of respect with the space where you live. «Build», that attitude remains pending.

The city of the bridges will not be happy because they fill it with hotels, parks, shine the Sauto or improve their places.

Unless the civic concept of those who populate it changes, unless people fall in love with it and come to take care of it, until then, there will be no city, there will not be Matanzas.

• Photos: Noryis

Only a respectful relationship with the city will help preserve what is currently being built in Matanzas.




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