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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 septiembre, 2018

A real debate that did not lack any of its ingredients: analysis, contradiction and consensus were carried out by the eleventh-grade students of the Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences Carlos Marx, of the province of Matanzas, on the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

Contemplative and irreverent young people, but also prepared and responsible, contributed valuable opinions to the legislative text and, with spontaneity and without the slightest bit of prejudice, they presented their criteria on same-sex marriage, limiting the concentration of property and sensitive omissions as a reference to animal protection.

The students, for example, suggested that the Magna Carta recognize the possibility that Cubans can invest in the Island and develop, jointly with the State, mixed capital companies. In this regard, Jean Franco Sensat Falcón, said:”I do not agree that Article 28 recognizes only foreign investment. If the money comes from a legitimate source, I do not see why a national cannot start businesses with the State. “Article 22, which raises the regulation of the concentration of property, generated several opinions, including that of Carlos Agustín Mondéjar:

I understand that values ​​of equity and social justice are fundamental, but in any case we live in a fragmented society where there are differences. As the Army General expressed the economic battle can compromise the conservation of the system, so I think we should be more open to other possibilities. If the concentration of property in non-state natural or legal persons produces a wealth that is then distributed equitably to support the costs of education, health, sports, culture and social security through taxes, I do not see its negative effect. “I think that this article should be reconfigured, because it does not seem right to limit this possibility to people who obtain their property by perfectly lawful means,” he added.The controversy that almost always accompanies the section referring to marriage between two people of the same sex this time was absent. The students, in their majority, supported the criterion of Vanesa Lopez, who assured:

“It seems to me that this article is very consistent with the policy of equality of the Revolution. I agree because any form of discrimination is reprehensible and definitely does not fit into a society like ours. I applaud that the Constitution legitimizes the right of each person to choose their sexual orientation with the guarantees and social recognition granted by marriage. ”

It was further proposed that article 76 on the remuneration of work according to its quantity, complexity and quality include that the value of the salary corresponds to the cost of living. In this regard, Yan Carlos García said:”Doctors, for example, are some of the professionals with the highest monetary remuneration, however, it can´t be said that this money brings them great benefits and nobody doubts the importance of their work. I believe that the salary must satisfy the needs of the workers, that is the greatest stimulus that can be received. ”

On the other hand, Vanesa López lamented the absence of a law in defense of animals: “I would like to add a paragraph that refers to the protection of the environment and, especially, of the animals, because I think it is very necessary. Every day there are manifestations of violence towards dogs, cats or horses that often suffer in the hands of their owners or the indolence of others. The law must be strong in this regard to avoid overexploitation for economic reasons or indiscriminate hunting. ” With their criteria and assessments, the students defined the nation they wish for themselves and their children: the ideal setting for the realization of their dreams.




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