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Maritime and aerial shows in Matanzas´ Bay.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 octubre, 2018

The bay of Matanzas, scene of the first Cuban aborigine uprising against the Spanish conqueror, will serve as the stage during this Saturday and Sunday of an attractive recreational-sports program that is dedicated to the 325th anniversary of the city.

Boats from the Ministry of Tourism and the Provincial Department of Sports will break into Saturday morning the still and crystalline waters of the yumurina roadstead to give the people the emotions of a regatta.

On Sunday, the crossing of the Matanzas roadstead will be reserved, which will be carried out by experts who are fans of the activity in a frank challenge to the depth of the sea and the distance they should swim.


At the same time, an Aeronautics program will be developed in the area of ​​the viaduct with all kinds of devices, such as small planes, gliders and ultra-lights or hot air balloons, to give more color to this environment of Matanzas.

José Ramón Pérez (Pepe), president of air sports in the province, referring to this sports-recreational event added that will also be parachuting, Paragliding (contraction of the words parachute and pending) and Paramotor. All occupying the spaces of the Tennis and Los Pinitos beaches.

Faced with the question of whether or not the public can act as a protagonist, Pepe highlighted:»Only in the case of the balloon, which will be captive in areas of the baseball, the public will be able to see its operation, touch the basket, but in the other apparatuses it has to remain an observer, because it requires some physical and technical preparation that only has the specialists and practitioners of the sport «.

The president of Matanzas air sports explained that the inflation of the balloon will be carried out twice a day: at 7:00 in the morning and in the evening, approximately, because those are the hours when the weather conditions allow it.

In relation to the free flight, Juan José Romero Torres, member of the Federation of Free Flight or Paragliding, said that since there is no mountainous elevation that faces the force of the wind in the area, it will not be carried out in this program.

Recreational-sporting options that within the activities for the 325 anniversary of Matanzas city will be held on Sunday. Experts in model airplanes will be offering  a different gift  .

Is that although in these times approximately eleven Cuban provinces have federations of different types, José Ramón Pérez, the president of air sports in Matanzas, stressed that this is a privileged province.

«In our area we have the International Skydiving Center, located in Varadero, which is the livelihood of the Aviation Club of Cuba. This allows us to develop all the federations because in Matanzas it is where all the aerial sports are practiced «.

For these reasons we wanted to be present at these commemorative activities for the 325 years of the Athens of Cuba, said Juan José Romero Torres. «It is the contribution of our federation to so many beautiful and good things that are happening to our city.»









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