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Matanceros summoned to a 26 in 326th anniversary.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 octubre, 2018

The commemorative program for the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution was announced at a meeting chaired by Teresa Rojas Monzón and Tania León Silveira, the first secretary of the Party and the president of the Government in Matanzas, respectively.

The motto «From Céspedes to Fidel, a single revolution», governs those activities that, inserted in a year marked by historical events linked to the century and a half of the beginning of independence struggles in Cuba, will last until 2019.

Hence the call of Rebeca Morales, member of the Provincial Bureau that serves the Political-Ideological sphere, to display all the optimism, joy and confidence that we have in our work.

«Confidence in the future of Socialism, in the role of the new generations, and  in the perfecting of the model of country that we built in this exceptional moment that the Revolution lives with a strong ideological battle.

«We also approach that important event immersed in a process that ratifies the historical continuity between the generations; the one that carried out the Revolution and the current ones, faithful and unconditional to those who bequeathed us a nation that worships freedom, justice and the full dignity of man «.

The member of the Provincial Bureau that deals with the Political-Ideological sphere explained that this whole program will be developed in five stages, whose periods contain the historical dates and events worthy of the recognition and celebration of the people.

«We are going to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the physical disappearance of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos, on October 28th , on November 5, the uprising at the Triunvirato sugar mill, led by slave Carlota, on December 24, the gala for the 120th anniversary of the change. of Hato Viejo by Martí, from January 2nd  to 8th  the route of the Caravan of Freedom and from 15th  to 19th  the Victoria de Girón, among other national and provincial ephemeris that describe these 150 years of struggle.

All this program for the six decades of the Cuban Revolution, said Rebeca, will be enriched by the initiatives that each work or study center, political organizations and masses, as well as communities, can contribute.

After concluding this presentation, the directors of all the organisms of the province handed over to the first secretary of the Party and the President of the Government in Matanzas, the work commitments to be fulfilled on July 26th .


At the moment in which Rojas Monzón called to multiply efforts and results, particularly in the municipality of Matanzas, whose people are committed to taking care of what has been achieved and continuing the constructive actions aimed at reviving the city. «We have called a day for the Matanceros to guarantee a July 26 in the province as part of the 326th birthday of this city.

That takes a huge challenge, but I think the most important thing is to work very hard so that everything we have done also has an expression in the quality of the services and the fulfillment of the economic plans. «To get to that we all have to get involved, that everyone knows what they have to do and has as motivation the different historical moments that our process has experienced «.



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