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Matanzas remarkable historian thinks about the history of the Cuban Constitutions.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 noviembre, 2018

The Doctor of Historical Sciences Arnaldo Jimenez de la Cal said that the people continue to participate in the debate on popular consultation about the draft Constitution of the Island, a few days after concluding this democratic and political exercise that will strengthen the new Magna Carta.

He said that Cuban people since the dawn of their own nationality has had a tradition marked by having a Constitution that governs the actions of the government and the people.

Arnaldo Jimenez pointed out that six months after the October 10 armed uprising, the Cubans were meeting in Guaimaro preparing a Constitution and after the death of José Martí there were legislators and other scholars looking for a text that would reflect Marti’s ideas, as well like everything related to the war of 1895.


The historian recalled that when the North American intervention takes place, the Constitution is created in order to delimit the relations between the Republic of Cuba and that country, which did not fulfill what was agreed in the Joint Resolution.

This professional with years of experience as historian of the city of Yumurina, now retired, also spoke of the Constitution of 1940, considered by experts as the most progressive in Latin America as it sowed a series of ideas such as the Agrarian Reform Law and other lawsBut it was not until the triumph of the 1959 Revolution that the principles and aspirations of the Constitution of 1940 were rescued.

Commander in Chief Fidel Castro finally made them reality to develop them and take them forward in a new stage of full social and true emancipation independence.

The debate on the Constitutional Reform project, which will conclude on November 15, reflects the ideas and the way forward, said Jiménez de la Cal: “It is a portrait of today’s Cuba enriched by suggestions, opinions, doubts, additions and modifications of the town with the purpose that the Greater Antilles flourish free and developed “.


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