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Community hygiene campaign: how long to support the irresponsible.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 9 noviembre, 2018

Although the beginning of the dry season is approaching, there are still torrential rains in  Varadero, that increase the actions of the Communal Services workers to ensure hygiene and sanitation of the Varadero, Boca de Camarioca and Santa Martha Popular Councils , having in the municipality prevalence of foci and concomitant diseases.

The fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito is difficult because it is an endemic insect of the tropical zone, but it is known that its proliferation can be controlled.

Mobilizations cannot be diminished in those apples with greater focality, in which they must also work to eradicate the micro-dumps and to venerate the herbs grown by rainfall.

But, although the state entities are at the forefront of this perennial battle, it requires a conscious participation of the neighbors, and thus when the Hygiene or Communal workers arrive, the doors are not closed and in the streets the waste is arranged in a single place, because many times they are thrown and they deposit everywhere, grass propitious for the vectors.

In the stables, the surroundings of the containers, if any, should not also become areas of waste accumulation, as seen sometimes. The indolence and lack of love for the place where you live, I think that is the only reason to act in that way.

Therefore, it is the duty of neighbors to call attention to transgressors. It is a mere act of protection of family health and notThere is no reproach, only for those who attempt against the communal hygiene of our cities, the one that makes others sick with theirirresponsible behavior.


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