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The song of always.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 9 noviembre, 2018

Not for pleasure they call it Sleeping City: once again Matanzas is fascinated in leaving for tomorrow what it is necessary to do today, and in a hurry.

Already many do not remember, and it is bad to forget because you can trip over the same stone, the rush that accompanied the festivities for the 325 years of the neoclassical city of Cuba, the rivers and bridges.

I’ll say it until I get tired: restoring is not making up.

To those who at the time put the cry in the sky or above, we are horrified to pass each day to the facades of Milanese Street, where the bungler was angry and left his mark.

There, on the façade of the social house of the UNEAC, for example, even the blind can see where the collective intelligence failed once again: first they painted the entrance, then they asphalted the street and the tires splashed with fresh colors applied.

And so it remained on the stone, in the very skin of our heritage and a few meters from the embellished Vigía Square, endless black splashes as if forming an absurd score that could hardly be transformed into music.

How would that sound if we tried to translate it into musical language? I think we would get pure noise, a perfect soundtrack to put in the background when we talk about the scant respect we have for the magnificent city where we live.

It hurts to say it, but the example is closer to being the rule than its exception.

Someone could say that they are only “boys’ things”, but it is difficult not to feel disappointed in the face of so much ingratitude of citizens after a long-awaited and costly restoration, in the face of such lack of civility.

The days pass and it seems that the asphalt score is here to stay and seems to represent the victory of bad works over good ones.Could it be that painting is lacking or lazy?

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