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Fidel’s legacy: to the forefront delegates of the People’s Power.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 noviembre, 2018

The future Constitution of the Republic of Cuba reaffirms Fidel’s thoughts on the importance of the delegates of Popular Power. The Commander in Chief emphasized that if our purpose is to maintain the support of the people, it is necessary to guarantee that the delegate is received and served in the state units in correspondence with the leadership and respect that this function of government deserves.

And it is worth reflecting that the next responsibilities assumed by the municipal governments will demand effective work by the grassroots representatives, with a view to keeping up to date the approaches of the population and the actions of the entities and private workers who work in each Popular Council.

This close relationship between the Administration Council, the Assembly, the Popular Council and delegates will make two of the most important problems success: the control of budgets and the response to the concerns of the voters with the force and agility that corresponds.

In this regard, with his brilliant vision, Comrade Fidel stressed that the unity of the people is reached from the root, where theconfidence in the management of the Government. He told us that the success of the work is in reaching people, knowing the main problems of the neighborhood, assessing their causes and offering different treatment to each district according to their characteristics.

Fidel present with more strength for these days of renewal in the Magna Carta, when it was fulfilled on the 25th day, the second anniversary of his physical disappearance, but never of his transcendental ideas.



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