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Take care of life, secure it well.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 noviembre, 2018

They barely reach 25 years, I presume, while looking for the best image to illustrate to them of an imminent danger, a risk that they do not see, they do not repair, they ignore as if the only important thing was to leave that section of wall ready.

On top of a scaffolding that is almost two meters high, the young people stand at the front of the Louvre Hotel, in the heart of the city of Matanzas. The iron frame moves with each movement, but they do not stop. “You have to finish it now,” they say, while your work space seems, for the risky, a circus, and, they, a couple of improvised jugglers.

Without helmets, without a harness, without a belt to support them and with a scaffold that is unduly screwed up, all the conditions are created to tempt misfortune. The two boys could fall from that height and no one imagines how serious the consequences would be.

The inconceivable is that next to the Louvre, near them, is all the clothing and nobody demanded or watched over its use. Thus, just like that, a fatal accident is built, says José Joaquín Pérez Ortiz, head of the Labor Affairs area, at the Provincial Bureau of the Cuba Workers Confederation. (CTC).

“It’s your boss’s responsibility if something happens to those workers. This activity should not have started if the total security of the task that is going to be fulfilled at that point has not been verified before, “he explains. “The rules make it clear. Without safety devices, it is forbidden to climb a scaffold “.

The imprudent position denies the postulate that Prevent ensures your health and that of your family, motto of the National Day of Occupational Safety and Health, which is held throughout the country in November, with the purpose of evaluating what else It can be done to achieve and maintain healthy and safe environments, minimize occupational risks and improve occupational health.

In the province of Matanzas, although in the last five years the number of deaths due to work accidents has decreased, the average per year is five deaths, a digit that could have been avoided, if there were not causes such as unsafe acts, violations of norms, This is motivated, according to Pérez Ortiz, by the lack of priority granted by employers to comply with their obligations, aimed at adopting all measures that favor safe positions, without any risk to life.An issue that also conspires against occupational safety and health is associated with the weak union demands on the administration.

Pérez Ortiz argues that at least in Matanzas properties, the main problems are concentrated in the agricultural workers, forestry and tobacco workers, hotel and tourism, transport and port, energy and mining, food and fishing, labor union, Construction and Health.

To consideration of the leader, increase of the work load, the competition and the professional performance, they classify between the factors trigger of the labor stress. “If the man is the first thing for a society like the Cuban one, he said, we need him healthy, motivated, so that he is very productive”.

In this regard, he said, the CTC has promoted actions linked to the systematic advice of technicians and specialists in Occupational Health and Safety, particularly in the entities with the greatest recurrence in accidents or with high occupational risks.

“The union activists have been given methodological tools so that they can effectively systematize the union inspection and develop the Movement of Protected Areas as best as possible.”

He specified that in the preparation, formation of a legal-labor culture in the administrative, union and workers’ leaders, mishaps are also prevented and allows acting, with knowledge of cause, to avoid the factors that produce them.

Apply the established protocols, it is the key. Take care of life, ensure it well, should be individual and collective responsibility. The bad example seen by me in the Louvre may be an exception and not a rule. To death, it is not necessary to tempt her.





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