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Tropicalized biodigesters, an alternative for Cuba.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 noviembre, 2018

Until next November 23rd will be developed in the Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages “Indio Hatuey”, of Perico municipality, the international course “Dimensioning and design of Industrial Bio- digesters and Rural Bio-digesters of small size”.

The classes taught by the MSc Gabriel Moncayo are part of the Training Project on Industrial Bio-digesters in Cuba funded by the German government through the Technical Cooperation Agency (GIZ) of the European country.

According to Yuvan Contino Esquijerosa, specialist of the scientific entity, the tropicalized bio digesters are conceived for countries with a hot climate like that of the Island.

“With them they take full advantage of solar radiation, high environmental temperatures, are cheap, use local materials in their construction, with low costs and are simple to operate.”

In addition, the raw material of this technology is the common biomass of tropical countries such as manure, vinasse and waste from slaughterhouses.

The event involves scientists and specialists from Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the host nation.

“They addressed issues such as the dimensioning of bio-digesters, technical content and practical exercises. In addition, the course foresees the visit to centers with this type of technology in the municipality of Martí “, added Contino Esquijerosa.

Together with the Matanzas institution Indio Hatuey, they sponsor the GIZ meeting and Aqualimpia Engineering e.K. (AQL), ​​a German entity dedicated to the design and construction of tropicalized biogas-bio digester plants.

The Indio Hatuey Pastures and Forages Experimental Station, founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, is home to agro-ecological courses and workshops and is internationally recognized for its scientific potential.

…Photos: Courtesy of the interviewee


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