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Allies for occupational health.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 noviembre, 2018

With the strong intention of contributing to improve the health of workers and promote optimal work environments, the Provincial Committee of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC) and the Sports Directorate in Matanzas strengthen their partnerships in order to systematize the activities of the muscle in all the groups.

At the head of the Ideological sphere of the CTC, Oria Moliner Pavón, refers to the adoption of agreements aimed at the existence and real functioning of voluntary sports councils (CVD), a matter that should be dealt with more by the trade union organizations in the different structures, he added.

He exhorted to prepare in each municipality the Lazaro Peña Softball Cup, a tournament that “must be preceded by effective preparation and convocation”. He praised the high sports movement in the Construction Trade Union, especially in the Varadero area, with a competitive system that keeps them exercising in contests throughout the year.

According to Moliner Pavón, the CTC in each municipality should better use the agreements with the methodologists of Sports, which will allow, he said, the evaluations of the actions and employment, for example, of the referees of the various sports disciplines to act in the competences to develop.

He recognized the existing potential in the province to increase muscle activities, since in a number of groups there are facilities that would propitiate it, while urging the use of sporting glories, “which would also be an encouragement to these workers that many medals and international prestige were given to the province and the country.

” One of the competences that most distinguishes the CTC from this territory is the bicycle ride as a greeting to the International Workers’ Day, contests in which athletes like Lisandra Guerra, the native girl of the municipality of Matanzas de Colón, have participated, adds several Central American games, Pan-American Games and Olympic interventions.

Encouraging sports practice in the workplace is endorsed in objective 25, adopted at the XX Congress of the CTC, and its implementation highlights companies such as Jovel, in Jovellanos, declared Active and Healthy CVD.

This alliance is strengthened precisely during these days, when the National Day of Occupational Health and Safety is held throughout the country, in force during the month of November.


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