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Volunteer work day in tribute to Che and Fidel.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 noviembre, 2018

The labor collectives of the province of Matanzas will carry out next weekend a massive day of voluntary work in correspondence with the call that the National Secretariat of the CTC Workers’ Union will publish for the whole country, published in the newspaper Trabajadores.

In tribute to the first voluntary work promoted by Commander Che Guevara in November 1959 and in tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz on the second anniversary of his physical disappearance, the Matanceros will focus their efforts on the 24th and 25th in various productive tasks and other tasks that require an intensive contribution.

According to the information provided to Radio 26 by Aracelia Chávez Martínez, a member of the CTC’s provincial secretariat, the thirteen municipalities of the territory will be in charge of sanitation and sanitation of the work centers and their surroundings and the beautification of the work premises. .

In coordination with the Trade Unions and the administrations in each locality, there will be central productive mobilizations directed towards the sugar harvest, food production, agriculture, some constructive works of the Tourism sector and others of economic and social interest for the territory will be supported, as well as the collection of debris in premises and public spaces in favor of the environmental environment.

To just give an example of the planned program, in the capital of Yumurina, the main demonstrations will be held on Saturday at the UBPC of Ceiba Mocha, where various work will be done to support the coffee harvest, while another broad representation of workers will support the constructive tasks in the Milanés street polyclinic-the leader of the CTC announced.

The national and massive call for this weekend is made public in the midst of the organic process of the XXI Congress of the CTC, an organization that recognizes the importance of these intensive tasks as trainers of conscience, as described by Che Guevara himself, precursor of work volunteer in Cuba.

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The Heroic Guerrilla always stressed the importance for Cubans of work becoming a flagship figure of volunteer work.

According to historical data Ernesto Guevara, did his first volunteer work on Sunday, November 22, 1959, in the construction of the Camilo Cienfuegos School City, in the old province of Oriente.

Then he instituted emulation among the leaders and workers of the Ministry of Industries and pointed out that «… voluntary work acquires more and more a new significance, it is done with a new joy.»

By highlighting Che as a true example of a worker, beyond his qualities as a revolutionary combatant, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, pointed out: «Tireless worker, in the years that he served our country, he did not know a single day of rest … the days of rest prescribed them to volunteer work «.

At the end of a new anniversary of the creation of voluntary work by Che, it is appropriate to recall another sentence of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro: «He left us his revolutionary thought, he left us his revolutionary virtues, he left us his character, his will, his tenacity, your work spirit. In a word, he left us his example! »


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