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Caleta Buena.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 noviembre, 2018

“Welcome to paradise,” the foreign tourist says in Spanish with a Latin accent to his companion, while he enjoys seeing her enter the turquoise blue water that caresses the shores of Caleta Buena, one of the most seductive corners of the Ciénaga de Zapata.

In her face happiness beats like a second heart and between them it seems to be completed the certainty that it was worth the pile of hours, tickets and miles of flight that they spent to get here.

Between tame fish in a transparent sea, coconut trees disheveled by the breeze, lazy cats, creek coves and birds thieves of fries, flow in slow motion the minutes in Caleta Buena, dotted with vacationers sunning their skin in the sun and lying on the “Dog tooth”, like lizards addicted to selfies.

There is no photo that does it justice and that there are many and very good. A strip of fine sand sheltered by the reefs seems to invite you to take things in stride. Let the world wait!

And everyone’s eyes are drawn to the jewel in the crown: a natural pool where tropical fish swim among clouds … or at least that’s how it seems at first glance at that blue-green red-green and translucent basin where the goblins scales captivate the visitor and eat from his hand.

Those who know little skill in the water can only endure the pinch of envy when looking at those who dive in the sea to snorkel or dive among coral gardens, crabs, sponges and other creatures of all possible colors.

At the end of the day, not every day has the luxury of savoring the natural beauty of a place as pristine as the Ciénaga de Zapata, in the south of the Cuban province of Matanzas, with its National Park credentials, Protected Area, Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar site. This is marshy land and home to gnats, mosquitoes, parrots, crabs and crocodiles, where you can still guess the long shadows of defeated Yankee mercenaries.

Some come in search of the peace or the heat that they need so much, others have a fierce desire to take a drink in front of the sea to momentarily forget everything, some are to convince themselves that it is real size boast of beauty …, no one is disappointed.


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