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The sacred day.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 noviembre, 2018

On Sundays they are sacred. The work, “pincha”, inventions, bad nights, parties at odd, the early mornings … are valid for any day that the calendar sentenced to the chain that goes from Monday to Saturday.

But, on Sundays …, from the best to the worst of men, try to spend it calmly, at home, in peace.

There are people, for example, who do little or nothing during the week. Even these deposit a certain magic on the holy day so as not to be disturbed by any external agent of society.

The plans of Sunday count, for their protection, of a system of high security that includes facilities like ignoring insistent calls or telling everyone “I’m going out there” when, in reality, you reserve for the parsimony of staying in the same place as always without doing anything.

The question is not now; until Constantine I, in the fourth century after Christ, decreed the day of yore as a day of obligatory civil rest. “On the venerable day of the Sun, that the magistrates and the people residing in the cities rest, and that all the workshops are closed,” dictated the Roman emperor.


On November 23rd , 1959, it fell Monday. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna walked through an area known as the Caney de las Mercedes. In the place a school city was built. The Argentine left his shirt thrown in some corner and started to work without expecting a peso in exchange for his efforts.

Those who knew him say that from then on, Che decided to dedicate his Sundays to work voluntarily, quite frequently. Not only had he, the companions who shared his professional job followed him to the cane fields, the factories, the raw material collections…

There were clear historical references. Countries like Japan used the conscious effort of their inhabitants to advance in the economic and social aspects. Cuba, which has never had much more wealth than the sweat of those who walk on it, was the ideal scenario to develop parallelism.

What a better day than Sunday? That fell between Monday and Saturday and no company would lower your salary or admonish you for missing and spend time on other issues.


Sundays are sacred, from the best to the worst of men you want to enjoy them but, even in the Cuba of the 21st century, there are people who overlook and rise early, work, invent, violating the norms pre-established by centuries and contributing to the degree of sacredness, who says no, of the blessed day.












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