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Tribute to Fidel in Matanzas on the second anniversary of his farewell to the people.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 noviembre, 2018

As a tribute to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on the second anniversary of his death, the cantata Seguimos con Fidel was held in the downtown Parque de la Libertad in the yumurina city.

In the former Plaza de Armas of this city, where the Commander on January 7, 1959, during the passage of the Caravan of Freedom went to the town, with the assurance that the victorious January will continue to advance, a group of young people, children, adolescents, the project Maravillas de la Infancia, troubadours, soloists and students of the School of Art Alfonso Perez Isaac, among other artists, starred in a cantata.

In the cultural meeting, the student of the University of Medical Sciences and representative of his Brazilian colleagues, Marcio Vito, raised his voice to say that thanks to Fidel he will soon realize his dream of becoming a doctor. He highlighted the work of the Cuban doctors in the South American giant, which changed the history of health, reducing the rates of infant and maternal mortality. He highlighted that they thank Fidel for the foundation of the Latin American School of Medicine.

Several young people came to the rostrum and expressed their love for the undefeated Commander and what it means to them, a paradigm of the new man. Fidel is Revolution, it is Cuba and it radiates more than ever its light to the people on the Island and the world.

This day dedicated to Fidel, after two years of his last goodbye to the people, will extend until the month of December with the celebration of special morning in schools of different teachings and exhibitions of allegorical photographs to his figure, among many other activities for honor our beloved Commander in Chief.

…Photos of Abel López Montes de Oca



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