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Cuban medicine protagonist in different scenarios.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 noviembre, 2018

  Different times and scenarios, both are transcendental moments for the largest of the Antilles. Both with the same protagonist: Cuban Medicine.

Sad events marked on November 27th, 1871 in a day to remember. Eighth medical students,  which became an indissoluble part of the soul of the nation.

Innocent blood brought forth the Spanish colonial government, a tyrant with desperate longings for revenge that only managed to consolidate the creole independence movement and the desire to be free.

Innocent student mischief, barbarously punished by the colonial regime, which inspired the contempt and sensitivity of José Martí when he said: “When the glory to this narrow mansion takes us away, the spirit grows, the sky opens, the world expands and in Middle of the world’s dawns. “

Today, on the same date, he is the victim of a new attempt to discredit the conquests of the island. Cuban doctors return to their homeland, doctors who saved lives in a country that lacks attention for millions of its inhabitants.

Men and women, who return with the sadness of leaving behind ties of affection and friendship, truncated a mission, but renewed the delight of having healed many pains of others.

The imprint of Cuban Medicine remained there. It is and will always be present in humanity, with the certainty of showing off at the height of the best finery in any of the most advanced chairs in the world.


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