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Choose delegates of Tourism to Congress of the CTC.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 diciembre, 2018



Delegates to the XXI Congress of the CTC, together with Isdalis Rodríguez (center), leader of the union movement in Matanzas. Of the 45 delegates from the SNTHT to the XXI Congress of the CTC, seven correspond to the province of Matanzas.

With the election of the delegates of the province of Matanzas, the National Union of Workers of the Hotel and Tourism (SNTHT) took an important step on Wednesday in the face of the organic process XXI Congress of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC), the great appointment of the Cuban trade union movement, whose final sessions will take place from April 22th to 26th, 2019.

The facilities of the Royalton Hicacos hotel, in Varadero, hosted the relevant moment, in which candidates from several collectives, a total of 27, were summoned to name the seven quotas assigned to this western territory, which, like Havana, deserved the largest allocations, amounts consistent with the strategic position occupied by both regions in the economic structure of the leisure industry.

Before exercising the secret ballot, Victor Lemagne Sánchez, general secretary of the SNTHT, recognized the participation of the province of Matanzas in the recently concluded National Conference of that organization, “for the excellent interventions of those who spoke and for the discipline shown.”

Lemagne Sánchez informed the actions carried out by the Ministry of Tourism to give immediate follow-up to the proposals derived from the Conference, especially those related to low wages, instability with the quality of uniforms, worker transport and other harmful interiors to achieve the optimum quality in hotel and extra-hotel installations.

The Candidature Committee affirmed that for the conformation of the project of candidacy the results in the performance of the ones that opt for and their possibilities and perspectives were taken into account, together with the technical and professional level.

Finally, the seven resulting delegates were: Víctor Lemagne Sánchez, Mailen Alemañy, María Caridad Rodríguez Ortega, Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, Bárbara Herrera Zulueta, Amaurys Echeverría Ruiz and Joel Báez Almeida. Complete the Arnaldo Diaz Ivy list, elected direct delegate, in recognition of his excellent performance as a union cadre and the results of the Sol Palmeras hotel.

Promoted to the management of another hotel, Amado Acosta, second from right to left, was recognized for his support of union work at Royalton Hicacos.


Isdalis Rodríguez Rodríguez, a member of the Central Committee of the Party and Secretary General of the CTC, announced that the Sugar Union is only required to elect its delegates, at which point an intense preparation, including exchanges with the organizations, will take place on January 15th of the economy and the Provincial Council of Administration.

With selection in the remainder of the week of delegates from the province of Santiago de Cuba and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, the SNTHT will close the list of 45 delegates with whom it will attend the closing days of the XXI Congress of the CTC.


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