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Historical jewel of pitching in Provincial Baseball Series.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 diciembre, 2018

The Provincial Baseball Series in Matanzas accumulate individual and collective performances of great importance since that first contest convened by the then Directorate General of Sports (DGD) in 1960 and which was headlined by the strong team of the Aqueduct, the City of Bridges

The exploits of the best Matanzas players who were looking for the degree to the National Series or the combativeness of the municipal teams in search of victory, especially in those years in which Matanzas baseball shone from the base, are enough.

Collectively the 14 championships won by the small municipality of Limonar, thirteen of them under the direction of Gerardo «Sile» Junco, constitute brands that still other territories and directors have not been able to reach in 55 years of these contests.

In the case of outstanding performances there is something that happened 38 years ago that I have not been able to forget. It happened on the night of September 15, 1984, at the Cerro Pelado stadium in Jovellanos, when the local team measured their strength, with Jorge Luis Valdés on the mound, and the Limonar team, which also featured the left-handed Roberto Álvarez.

I sincerely tell you that never, including the National Series, we narrated in the company of Ricardo Medina on Radio 26 as many strikeouts as that day. The game started after 9 and 30 at night because of the rain. The designated starters were unbeatable entry after entry without allowing freedom until the tenth episode that had to be sealed at 12 and 30 in the morning (it was already day 16) tied zero to zero.

Until that moment Jorge Luis Valdés, of the 30 possible outs, had taken 25 by way of the punch, impressive record in any type of baseball, while Álvarez managed to eliminate 17 palyers from Jovellanos by their own means. In the case of Valdés, he retired 22 batters consecutively until the eighth inning, when he hit a pitch and in the ninth he got a hit. Roberto Álvarez was connected with five jits and gave away three tickets.

The game resumed at 2:00 in the afternoon of the same day 16 at the stadium Emiliano Ayllón, Limonar, with relievers Pedro González, by visitors, and Eduardo Terry, by the house and only lasted one entry, and that Jovellanos managed to manufacture the decisive race.

As baseball is a sport full of surprise, after immaculately playing on behave of the Limonar defense for ten episodes, an error by the third baseman Miguel Pérez, with two outs and the bases loaded in the eleventh, caused the race of victory, dirty to the account of Terry. The final numbers of the match were:

Limonar: 0 race, 2 hits, 1 error

Jovellanos 1 race, 6 hits, 0 error

Won: Pedro González

Loose: Eduardo Terry.

The 25 punches given by «Tati» Valdés that night at Cerro Pelado seems to be an eternal mark for Provincial Series as well as the 42 between him and Alvarez.

This game, unquestionably, is one of the historical jewels of pitching of the Provincial Series.





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