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2018: a year with a lot of literature in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 diciembre, 2018

The wide literary panorama of the province of Matanzas was strengthened during 2018 with important recognitions and publications of the publishing houses of the territory. The four Literary Critic Awards deserved by the books My grandmother is a prized, of Mildred Hernández; The one that goes with the light, of Francisco López Sacha; The pulsations of the defeat, by Damaris Calderón and Cien millones, by Carlos Celdrán, published under the seal of Matanzas Editions.

This year also highlights the presentation of the Milanés Prize to the Holguin artist Moisés Mayan for the title Mentalidad de enjambre, in adult literature, and Maikel Chávez in theater for children and young people with La ínsula prometida.

During the literary day José Jacinto Milanes, dedicated to the 204 years of the birth of the Bardo Matanzas, was recognized the work Confessions, by Hugo Hodelín Santana.

In its twelfth edition, the Matanzas City Foundation Award bestowed its highest awards to Taimí Diéguez, in theater, Manuel Navea with the notebook Bocanada before sinking, in story and the novel The tree of wishes fulfilled, the journalist and writer Yasmir Ruiz González, in the literature section for children and young people. Meanwhile, the honorary prize went to the poet Luis Lorente and the poet and translator Juan Luis Hernández Milián.

In his 40 years, the publishing house gave distinctions to the biographer and researcher Urbano Martínez Carmenate; the designer Johan Enrique Trujillo and the poets Laura Ruiz Montes and José Manuel Espino, for their valuable contributions to the development of the institution.

It is also worth mentioning that Johan deserved the award for the art of Cuban books in two sections: for the profile of the Caja negra collection and for the integral design of Two brother’s bar, text by the poet Luis Lorente and the artist of plastic Arturo Montoto.

Vigía Editions, for its part, attended as guest of the International Book Fair of Guadalajara, Mexico. Mechanics of citizen A, América Bobia 2018 award, by Luis Manuel Boitel; The city that I love, by Loreley Rebull and Gravitaciones, by Daniel Díaz Mantilla, are some of the proposals presented at the literary event.

El Fortín, Cuba’s first private publishing house, was also inserted into the literary movement. The reconstruction of the house located in Middle 94 will guarantee the opening of a space for the publishing house directed by Rolando Estévez.

Also, Ediciones Aldabón fulfilled two decades of life with the publication of texts by the young writers of Matanzas. Its headquarters, located at the corner of Milanés and Dos de Mayo streets since last March, continued the programming of workshops and presentations. With the co-working of the Hermanos Saíz Association, the youngest of the Matanzas publishing houses developed the Eliecer Lazo contest.

The UNEAC writers subsidiary in Matanzas highlighted the importance of Matanzas, the first modern city in Cuba, by Alicia García Santana; Subsuelos, by Leymen Pérez and Economía Nacional, by Gaudencio Rodríguez, with the Orlando García Lorenzo prize.

Among the texts published in 2018 by the Matanzas publishing houses are: Travels, cartographies and delusions, by Margarita Mateo and Mapas, by Verónica Aranda, by Matanzas Editions; To be there then, my years in Cuba, of Gregory Randall and Raspute at the crossroads, of Elaine Villar Madruga, in the catalog of Aldabón; the poetic anthology Jovellanos Calle 13, the plaquette Smart text edition and El banquete infinito, by Ediciones Vigía.

Other significant literary events developed in Matanzas during 2018 were the International Book Fair; the usual Wednesday of Poetry; Poetry Plus, the literary routes throughout the province in the summer and the Saturday of the Book.

Also the publishers were inserted in the cultural programming corresponding to the 325 anniversary of the city of Matanzas.



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