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Guarantee adequate housing for Cubans.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 diciembre, 2018

In these days in which the expanded and modified text of the Constitution of the Republic was approved for a referendum on February 24 of next year, the issue of the definition of adequate housing was addressed.

And I bring the subject to reflection because it is worth specifying this concept, which is handled not only in Cuba, but in many countries of the world, to which our country joins within the foundations of the UN.

It should be noted that it is considered a suitable housing to a roofed and enclosed space where people live. The term can be used as a synonym of house, home, residence or domicile. As to dignity or propriety, it includes the judgment that it can be tolerated or used without disgrace.

The idea of ​​the United Nations also refers to a building that allows its inhabitants to live safely and peacefully. The notion, therefore, is linked to certain structural and environmental characteristics of the dwelling in question.

That is, when a person resides in a box with cardboard walls, a canvas roof and a dirt floor, without a sewer or electricity, it is classified as an unworthy space, since the conditions that favor this type of house are precarious.

Adequate housing must provide protection from weather conditions; have a secure structure without risk of collapse; have the basic services of access to drinking water, drainage and energy, what they call the habitable. Housing must also provide legal security to the resident.

In Cuba there are people who are far away from their own desire for habitable urban or rural structures. Nevertheless, the purpose of dignifying as far as possible the life of these settlers with the effort of them and with state measures that benefit their existential status is maintained.

One of the most illustrious objectives of Cuban socialism is to achieve adequate housing for all, and that, without a doubt, entails a high dose of awareness and will, both by local entities and by citizens.







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