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She knows the story.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 enero, 2019

Caridad had been a girl with little childhood, dedicated to domestic work from an early age, as they say, almost as a maid; and although slavery was eliminated in 1886, this Cuban woman in 1950, when she was only ten years old, was forced to work, she could not read, she could not write, she did not know about rights or duties, they say that an uncultivated town is easier to dominate.

On September 8th , 1940, a pretty little baby of just five pounds was born in Jovellanos hospital, dressed like a queen, but in truth, she opened her eyes as a plebeian. Fed from the bosom of a family of servitude, her parents had obtained some of the heritage of the children of the house where they cleaned.

Caridad heard for several generations how she washed her clothes, how the floor should be dried and how to starch and iron the good suits, but it was not until her 22nd birthday that she discovered her name on a piece of paper and what the letters said months were accompanied by roses. Since then she decided to educate herself, fight for her and her future, studied a middle technician and worked her way.

At the same time as she was progressing, her friend Lázara, who lost the parents when she needed them the most, received an apartment to share with her seven brothers, so she would not have to sleep where the night caught her.

Cary, as they affectionately call her, heard the complaints of some rich exploiters because they lost land and praises for the plots received from those who gave their youth and now had cays and wrinkles for the serene and the sun that every day wet and burned their backs.She also saw people live, more than she saw die for lack of assistance, because they did not have resources for a consultation or a medicine, the doctors of the street and the occult sciences were less expensive; however, sometimes they could not solve all the problems.

And Caridad told those stories to her children, as if they were cradle stories, maybe that’s why they almost never believed it or took it very seriously; they grew with all the changes, they inherited a life that was not given away but won.

But Cary does not forget and that bothers people, they call her grumbling (quarrelsome), bitter because she almost always discusses with someone, because she talks a little with Lázara, her friend of the soul, whom doctors say is in perfect condition physical and mental, however, Caridad prefers to think that she has Alzheimer’s.

Often colors «come out of» Caridada´s face because she defends what has experienced, what she felt in her own flesh, what she helped to transform, because she knows that this country is not perfect, neither is her, but here  has been conquered in six decades that in other nations  has taken hundreds of years, because she knows that there are many things that can be changed but destroying with words will not help anything.

She is not blind, or close her eyes to see with her heart, she  just want you to offer your hand, and that of your family and your friends and together we help those we choose to make Cuba better.

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