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More than 200 thousand copies of the Constitution are sold in Matanzas (+ recording).

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 enero, 2019

Since Thursday, the tabloid copies of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power, will be sold in the province of Matanzas and will be submitted to a referendum on February 24.

About its commercialization comments Casidadva Rey, director of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Matanzas 1, of the Post Office of Cuba in Matanzas yumurina city:

«The province was supplied with about 200 thousand copies of the Magna Carta for sale released to the population for the value of one peso in national currency. Our UEB, one of the busiest for its central location in the street of Middle received more than 18 thousand. If that amount is exhausted, we will receive more documents in future shipments, since it is a priority for the country that its citizens know the text that is proposed as Law of laws. »

The tabloid will also reach those who cannot acquire it directly:»People who, for reasons of health or any other impediment, may be unable to leave their homes may request the home delivery service. To do so, they should only contact the nearest UEB and explain their situation. The document will be delivered to the postmen in the shortest time possible.

“In each Popular Council of the provincial capital we have at least two points of sale; this is the case of Versailles, Pastorita, Pueblo Nuevo and the center of the city. »

On the subject, several people in Matanzas say:

Do you ratify the new Constitution of the Republic? It will be the question to consultation of the citizens of the country with the right to vote. The regulation, enriched with the criteria of millions of Cubans and with the debate held by the deputies before its approval, varied its content by 60 percent. In addition to the conformity of the supreme body of State power – the National Assembly – its ratification is required by the favorable vote of the population through a referendum, a method of citizen participation through which the people can approve or reject a Law or other legal provision by means of suffrage.

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