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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 enero, 2019

What you wear in them defines you, because it can be as impersonal as a condom or as intimate as a confession of love scribbled in a hurry on a napkin.

They exist to carry the necessary, the urgent, the useful, the most precious, the un-confessable …, even the forbidden.

Some believe that someone can be known only by studying the contents of their pockets, as if they fit a lifetime, ready to be decoded by necessity or by whim.


They fit all the hands, the same ones that daily caress, touch, tear, write, build, imprison, sustain, create, paint, hit, talk …

You have to be careful when digging into someone else’s pocket: the result can be unpredictable and you know that curiosity killed the cat.

A pocket is always a place of passage, a container designed more for the journey than for the destination, where pieces of the mosaic of our reality are gathered, whether it be a smartphone, a set of keys or a copy of the New Testament.

If we are to believe in the signs, it seems that the future will be as preposterous – perhaps more so – than the present. Who removes then that we invent someday the archeology of the pocket?

It would be one more step to make the private public while we see on our interactive screens how highly specialized professionals browse only in the pockets of our ancestors, preserved as rare specimens to dissect their lives, their stories.

Craft pockets versus pockets produced in series by machines. Kangaroo bags to carry our identity, personal and non-transferable as toothbrushes.

The ingenuity of the hobbit Bilbo saving him at the last minute of certain death at the end of a macabre game of riddles: «What do I have in my pocket?»

Pockets as time capsules; full to indicate bonanza or bored as a bad symptom; sewn with thread of hope; put upside down; stylized disguised between clothes to keep secrets; with designs to impress or to pass unnoticed; they come in all possible shapes, materials and colors; tense by the volume of the buttocks or chest; other pockets, half open, as if inviting you to put your hand …



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