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National Final Villa Clara-Las Tunas and provincial in Matanzas, will fill baseball on weekend.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 enero, 2019

From this Saturday 12th, we will have the start of the final stage of the Cuban Baseball Championship between the strong teams of Villa Clara and Las Tunas in the Julio Antonio Mella stadium, home of the second and by coincidence of calendars the hottest provincial series of Baseball in Matanzas in its semifinal stage.

The confrontation that will close the National Series number 58, the greatest record in these play off has Villa Clara, who together with Santiago de Cuba, Industriales and Pinar del Rio are the teams that have been present in discussions of championships more times, while Las Tunas players go to their second consecutive final; remember that they lost last year to Granma in 7 games, their most outstanding performance in these tournaments.

It will be a hard to predict as both teams have shown quality on the ground and come to win in the semifinals, equally result of four victories and one defeat to Ciego de Ávila, in the case of Las Tunas and Sancti Spíritus, the center from the country.

For the Saturday session they announce as starters two rights that are in great competitive form, such as Alain Sanchez from Villa Clara, who was a decisive reinforcement of Granma last year and the pianist Erlis Casanova, who has come to strengthen the pitching staff of the Lumberjacks, something shown in his departure a few days ago against Ciego de Ávila.

The body of shooters of Las Tunas rests in Casanova, Matanzas Yoannis Yera and Camagueyan Dariel Góngora, as starters, with two men of experience as Yoalkis Cruz and Yenier Rodríguez ready to come out of relays which together with the offensive and combativeness, They make many people favorites.

In the case of Villa Clara will have ready to work from the mound, in addition to Alain, Freddy Asiel Alvarez and lefty Artemiseño Claro Villa to start the clashes and a body of level relay to which they added a hard-hitting Holguin like Wilson Walls Villa Clara presents a great offensive, perhaps with many left-handed hitters who will have to overcome the shipments of the sinister Yera and Góngora, who know how to pitch to that type of hitters.

Although Villa Clara has more historical experience in the postseason, with more than 200 games held, Las Tunas are in a great moment, which has created a tremendous expectation among the fans of this sport in the country.

Here is the popular phrase that «the ground will say the last word», do not you think?



According to the final report sent by the Provincial Baseball Commission, the qualifying stage of the territorial contest was one of the most disputed of those held in the last ten years and from which it was necessary to wait until the final game of the calendar to decide the six sets who will be, also from this Saturday, January 12, involved in the second stage.

The semifinalist teams finished in the following order: Jovellanos with a balance of 18 wins and seven losses; then, tied with 17 and seven each, were the representatives of Los Arabos, Limonar, Cárdenas and Matanzas and in the sixth position Union of Kings, who won 16 and lost eight.

The series now will be of all against all with ten parties for each selection and those that are located then in the first two places will dispute the title of the province.

Each of the classifieds chose five reinforcements from the losing teams. In the case of Unión de Reyes, he obtained the Colombians Lázaro Herrera, Roger Piquero and José Luis Padrón, Osvaldo Vázquez, of Calimete and Eduardo Parreiras, of Jagüey Grande. Kills left-handed pitchers Ramón Licor and Frank San Martín, the two from Colón, the Betancourenses Daniel Rojo and Waldo Casañas and the Colombian Dayán Pedro and the Cárdenas ship asked Ernesto González de Jagüey, Raúl Robert, Pedro Betancourt, as well as Marlon Casañas, Rodnier Muñiz, from Calimete and Sandro Quevedo, from Colón.

In the case of Limonar, they took Yamil Deubleofue, from Pedro Betancourt; Dixan Rodríguez, from Perico; Yasiel Amador by Pedro Betancourt; Raiko Cárdenas, from Calimete and Loidel Fernández, from Jagüey; Los Arabos chose the colombinmo Yaniel Blanco, Jorge Súñiga, from Calimete; Asiel Cruz, from Peric0; Erandy Morales, from Colón and Yadiel Granados, from Perico, while Jovellanos took over the services of Armando Dueñas, from Perico; Luis Miguel Hernández, of Jagüey; Danny Ibáñez, of Pedro Betancourt; Alain Romagoza, from Colón and Adrian Pérez Fraga, from Pedro Betancourt.

The games this Saturday will be double from 10:00 in the morning and the first commitments will be those of Jovellanos before Unión de Reyes, in Cerro Pelado; in Venceremos stadium, Los Arabos receives Matanzas and in Emiliano Ayllón, Limonar will host Cárdenas.















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