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Outstanding intervention of Matanzas researchers in the House of África.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 enero, 2019

Yoelkis Torres, director of the Afroatenas project.


The twenty-third Scientific Workshop on Afro-American Social and Cultural Anthropology, sponsored by the capital Casa de África Museum in Havana, was developed with a large representation of Matanzas authors.

Wealth and diversity of themes marked the presentations of Matanzas scholars. Religion and its expressions in Cuba and the need for its knowledge on the part of the future professionals of the Social and Humanistic Sciences generated an enriching debate in charge of the doctor Nancy Mercadet Portillo, president of the chair Fernando Ortiz, of the University of Matanzas , and Dr. Jorge Ortega.

Nancy Mercadet Portillo, president of the Fernando Ortiz Chair in Matanzas.

Oscar Rodríguez Pedroso and Maricela Velazco Barani communicated the religious leadership of the figure of Mario Rodríguez from the Simpson neighborhood, while researcher Andrés Rodríguez Reyes and Yara Antonia Alfonso referenced elements of analysis around the Congo party and the dead man’s cajón, in this city of bridges.

From the African legacy the researchers from Matanzas highlighted the value of the culinary traditions of Afro origin in the community of Carlos Rojas, municipality of Jovellanos, and the conservation status of aid and mutual aid fraternities, now become town councils and temple houses. These papers defended the cultural heritage of the ararases in Matanzas and highlighted the history of the house of Oyá in the town of Agramonte, in the style of the historian of that town, Rolando Crespo. Olga Lidia González Monguía, director of the Palacio de Junco, gave the national and foreign public a life story about Bienvenido Paral Pedroso, a Negro enslaved who after gaining freedom joined the independence struggles, being   mambí and later transformed in one of the most influential political figures in the town of Bolondrón.

Humberto Rodríguez, historian of Jagüey Grande.

Similarly, the leader of the Slave Route in the Castle of San Severino, Isabel Hernández Campos, expanded with the presentation Slavery in Matanzas in the nineteenth century: the vision of travelers. With a promising projection, the proposal of the Historian of Jagüey Grande, Humberto Rodríguez, accompanied by the anthropologist Jesús Guanche, aimed at the rescue of the ruins and the Afro-Cuban heritage in Central Australia.

If we talk about heritage rescue, the patrimonial rescue from the scientist defended by the master and director of the Project of Sociocultural Integration for Development: Afroatenas, Yoelkis Torres Tápanes, as well as the strategy for the safeguard of the Iyesá Town Hall, of the Terán family in Jovellanos, in charge of the Mcs. Fernando Terán and the researcher Liseidys Díaz.

The activities of the workshop extend this weekend to the city of Matanzas and the municipality of Cárdenas as extensive actions within the event. This will be a timely opportunity to continue reaffirming the iconographic role of the Athens of Cuba as a champion of African-American culture and identity.










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