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Camilo was born: congratulations for the Homeland.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 febrero, 2019

Who would tell the Cienfuegos Gorriarán family that little Camilo, born on February 6, 1932, would become an example and legend for millions of Cubans.

From the humble house in the Havana neighborhood of Lawton was heard, as an announcement of an extraordinary life, his unequaled laughter, he received the mischievous joke and heard the vibrant voice when in his childhood he recited the poem To my flag, by Bonifacio Byrne, learned to later say it in the civic acts of the school.

Its passage by the Earth was like the one of a comet, flashing in its course and able to shake of emotion to which they have the happiness to appreciate it in its brevity.

Rebellious before the injustice, participated in actions against the corrupted governments of the pseudo-republic and was even wounded and signed by the assassins of Fulgencio Batista, for which he had to leave the country.

They say that since his forced exile in the United States he met Fidel’s plans in Mexico and enlisted in the Granma expedition in December 1956. Soon he was transformed by his courage, from a simple soldier into one of the most beloved and respected heroes, both in the Sierra and in the westward invasion in front of the columnAntonio Maceo, and the triumph of the Revolution.

Loyal, daring, supportive since childhood until his last breath of life, we now evoke his presence for his Cuban and noble sentiments; for that way of exchanging with others until you become the bravest and most esteemed companion.

We remember the Lord of the Vanguard, the most brilliant of the guerrillas, as Che Guevara described him, because it is impossible to forget his innate joy and that at the same time be ready for the greatest sacrifices. It is an inheritance that we carry in our blood and it manifests itself in the most difficult historical moments.




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