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It will be in Matanzas national act for the day of the Civil Aviation Worker.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 febrero, 2019

The national act for the Civil Aviation Worker’s Day, February 15, will take place at the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, in the province of Matanzas, terminal that deserves the relevant stimulus for the second year in its history.

The quality and efficiency, requirements that define the position of the workers of the Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, took off in 2018, which earned them the seat of these festivities, said Katia Mirabal González, secretary of the Provincial Union of Workers of the Transportation and Ports.

“It constitutes a great pride for the organization and fair recognition of the collective of a benchmark airport in the work of the union, which is reflected in its excellent economic results,” said Mirabal González.

The leader magnified the fact that Juan Gualberto Gómez could fulfill his income plan in a year marked by the low arrival of international tourism to the country, a balance that undoubtedly, he added, enhances its administrative staff and employees.

“The union works very well here,” he reiterated, while mentioning as strengths the positive performance of the committee of innovators and rationalizers and the movement of creative women.

With a productivity of 44 thousand pesos per worker, the average salary of this basic business unit (UEB) is ranked as the highest of all the air terminals in the country, in addition to the good management of human resources, evidenced in a socialist emulation that rewards the most outstanding with moral and material recognition.

Mislaidis Rodríguez Ricabal, general secretary of the union bureau, maintains that it is a result that rewards the collective work, that desire to contribute everything that can be done from the materialization of individual commitments. “There is a lot of sense of belonging here,” he summarizes.

In business improvement is the UEB, very constant in a data where the qualitative of a terminal of this type is measured: time of stay. In 22 minutes he fixed it in 2018, less than half of the 45-minute rule established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.







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