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Return of Cuba to the Caribbean Series: neither pitching nor batting go well.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 febrero, 2019

Since his return in 2014 to the Caribbean Series, not counting the clash of this Thursday against Mexico, Cuban teams have had a poor performance in terms of victories and defeats since They show a balance, at this time of 12 and 15, for an average of 444. Cuba obtained a title in 2015, in Puerto Rico for the representation of Pinar del Río; a third place of Granma, in the2017, in Mexico; fourth places for Ciego de Ávila, in Santo Domingo 2016 and Granma, last year in Guadalajara; besides the fifth and last position of Villa Clara, in 2014, in Isla Margarita, Venezuela.



As baseball is a sport of statistics, let’s analyze how the selected criollos have behaved in two decisive lines of the game, such as pitching and batting in the last five years, plus two games of this contest that takes place in the capital of Panama.

In relation to the pitchers we have in 232 innings and a third have allowed 117 runs, 109 of them clean which gives a percentage of 4.22 for every nine episodes, while the batting has connected 227 hits in 915 times at bat for a figure of 248, with only 84 runs scored, meaning that pitching allows 4.33 runs per game and hitters score 3.11.

On the unapproachable allowed to the rivals, they add 240 in 232 tickets and a third, to more than one per episode, 1.04 and the hitters connect 0.98 per tickets.

The best year of the Cuban pitchers after the return was in Culiacan, Mexico, in 2017 when players from Granma worked for a magnificent average of clean races of 1.67, since they tolerated only eight clean in 43 innings, they did not allow homers, and they struck out to 27 and gave away 13 bases for balls.

At bat, so far the best was last year in Guadalajara, when the representatives of Granma connected for 291 average with 48 hits in 165 times at bat, including eight doubles, a triple and four homers.

As you can see they have not had uniformity in these departments, although they have had a good defense, because only eight entries have been the result of errors.

The worst performance in pitching and offense occurred in 2016 in Santo Domingo when Ciego de Ávila had an average of clean runs of 6.97 per game and his hitting was silenced to 203 collectively.

Now in Panama 2019, the consistency of the pitchers of most of the teams, both the starters and relievers, is maintained, well above the offensive, something that should be the keynote of the fair, where in addition to the quality of the shooters, it takes place in a stadium where the air is against the hitters and everything seems to indicate that the long-range connections will shine for their absence.

An old baseball saying says that “where there are pitchers, there are no batters”, everything seems to indicate that again in this Caribbean Series, it will be like that.





















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