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The future of Cuba.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 febrero, 2019

If you asked me how I would describe Cuba in a few years, after the new Constitution of the Republic was endorsed, I would say that it will present economic and social advances in line with the international framework that surrounds the country and that structural changes of a large scale will be appreciated. But, in my opinion and I am sure that of many, I would say that the feelings of dignity and love for the Homeland that characterize the people will remain unwavering Cubans.

And that can be seen from the root of the history of the nation, a century and a half ago, but closer, when one observes and is moved by how, in the face of the tropical natural disasters that defy the Island, as a bastion of persistence the unity of the people.

It is that unit proclaimed by Martí when he called Gómez and Maceo, veterans and young people, for the great war needed; it is the one that was raised by the generations of the early twentieth century and unleashed in the cohesion around the July 26 movement; the same one that promoted the parties and ideologies of the left to recognize Fidel as the maximum leader of the Revolution.

The unit keeps the foundations of the mountains, and the flat lands in a monolithic block. The one that followed Raúl and now is presented as a continuation of a passion in the confidence deposited in Diaz-Canel and the future leaders that the country will have.

Because the fundamental thing is that Cuba does not stop its redemptive step for the world. It is difficult to resign before that commitment that implies sovereignty, sense of justice and decorum.It is a mission that we have been granted and we take with pride. It does not matter that the vipers longing to take over our soil revolt around. It is impossible to renounce so much dignity and that decision is the future of Cuba.

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